People fight to the death over religion in other countries.  Here in California – we could give a crap. People in the sunshine state do not care what religion you are or what you believe…the only hope is that you believe in something.

Jesus, Buddha or Yoga?  Whether or not you believe in their ‘stuff’ we all gotta admit they were pretty good guys.  Lots of people liked them for the good they did. And when you really think about it….it’s all the same!  Every religion leads to one thing: God. One guy:  God.  Every religion believes in a higher power…God.  It’s just how you practice what Jesus, Buddha and the other guys have taught.

I’m Catholic.  I was born that way, went to Catholic schools and public schools and made up my mind years ago that I like some things about many religions.  I go to a Catholic Church now but adapt my prayer time to anything spiritual.

And yes, I go to church every week.  Or I try to.  Any excuse I have to not go is never good enough.  why go to church Here are the 10 reasons we all should get to church.

  1. It reminds you that you CAN and are capable of doing something once a week, every week at the same time. (cause we all fail at the gym part).
  2. You get a whole hour to think about nothing but your existence on this planet.
  3. You get a whole hour to reassess your friendships and relationships.
  4. You get a whole hour to make new promises to yourself.
  5. You get a whole hour to stare and analyze all the peoples butts in front of you – man and woman – to see you really aren’t that fat…or that bad of a dresser.
  6. You start softening and finding ways to like all those people you hated 5 minutes before you walked into church.
  7. Scanning the crowd, you take note of your relationship status compared to all those around you.  You can look around the room and mentally tab out all those cheating, divorcing, on the verge of divorcing or just have issues.
  8. Scanning the crowd, you also get the overview that everyone is screwed up.  We just have different ways of screwing up.  This causes you to feel at home and not so pressured to be perfect.
  9. Every choice has a consequence.  Some positive, some negative. The ‘going to mass’ choice has way more positives than negative.  The only negative I’ve had is that after church I talk to strangers and that makes me late to wherever I’m going after.
  10. When you go to church, you realize with God, no matter where you go or what you do, you are never alone.