3 Must Haves Men Need Every Day


3 Must Haves Men Need Every day are not hard. They are easy. But they have to do be done.

“Laurie…I’m just not like that…” said my dearest friend who has been married 21 years to a hot sexy guy that still does model events. Hot. Hot. Hot.

I told her, “I don’t care if you aren’t like that.” He’s a guy.  HE’S like that!!  He needs that!!  If you don’t do it, someday someone else will and you will lose him.

I’ve watched it happen. Not only in my life but in many many others.  Take a man for granted and you are playing with fire.  And it gets hot.  So hot it burns and then the connection is gone.

how to appreciate your husbandSo while he is here.  In your house.  In your bed.  Be grateful. FEEL grateful.  Even if his farts make you want to vomit.  And his skin sometimes smells like onions after not showering for 3 days.  Tell him you are glad he is there. That you think he is sexy. That you think he is good at his job or being a dad.

Men are like dogs.  Appreciate them and rub them behind their ears and they will lick and love you. But ignore them or hurt them at some point in time, they come at you with teeth.

Watch the video…and change. Now.  It doesn’t cost you anything!!!