Best Midlife Crisis MLC Books To Bring Him Back


Hell just landed.  In the moment of crisis, you feel like you have no answers and nowhere to turn.  Books, my friends, are the best solace when you have no clue what to do.

Below I’ve listed my personal favorite books that helped me deal with my husband’s  Midlife Crisis MLC.  They can help any husband or wife dealing with this choas and looking to get answers and get out fast.

If you are here…I’m so sorry.  The fact that you are even looking to read these types of books (instead of fun, vacation, bettering your life books) sucks!  I’ve been there and I can tell you – it will change.  You are the driver.  Finding books…educating yourself…reading everything and talking to others who have been there as well will only make your journey more fulfilling and hopefully shorter.

My Personal Recommendation:

I have personally read every single one of the below books and personally recommend each of them for different reasons.  Reading brings comfort and keeps your mental state calm.  So you can realize that you are not crazy and that a midlife crisis is really happening.

When your husband/wife leaves, either mentally or physically.  It sucks.  Period.  There is very little comfort offered anywhere to soothe your panic as you move through the space you once used to share with that great guy who is just…well…gone.

The most comfort I ever received during my time while my husband was not living with us, was snuggling into bed with a book written by someone who had been through my pain and not only survived…their husbands came back.  I longed for stories of happy endings and became obsessed with finding them.  Hence the reason for interviewing and gathering hundreds and hundreds of personal stories.

Below are just some of the books I read that got me through those two years…and still help me when I need to refresh or reread something I had read years ago.  What I truly love is that every author has their own personal experience and information that they bring to the pages.  I encourage you to read them all and learn to be open to changing anything you are doing now.  Life is a journey. We are not perfect and can all learn from so many others about how to be the best person and partner we can be!

Any link you click below takes you to Amazon where you can buy the book immediately.  In doing so, my website (which is free to all) gets a few pennies, which helps keep this website going and ad-free (I hate ads). So thank you for coming to this site.  I’m eternally grateful for you visiting and trusting in my advice.  As always please feel free to reach out to me if you want your marriage back on track.

God bless!

The Books:

Midlife Crisis bookA Fierce Love: One Woman’s Courageous Journey to Save Her Marriage :

This is the book I’d have written if I had  patience and 2,000 hours to write it all down.  This book is an amazing story of love and following God’s word.  If you go to church and believe there is a God, this will be your second Bible.  This woman is just like the title “Fierce”.   I really love this book.  It’s so inspiring.  Standing is tough.  She rocked it.  She’s amazing.



deal with a midlife crisis

Divorce Busting:

Oh My God. The greatest book.  This book saved me.  So much information in here to keep you on track for everything.  From day to day living to beliving in another path to dealing with a MidLife Crisis.  I’m sad to think of all the divorces that could have been stopped had they only read this book.  Love Michelle and love this book.


Broken Heart on Hold: Surviving to get through separation 

This book was hard to read because it was very raw.  Very little is worse than living in your home without the spouse you love by your side.   Linda Rooks brings peace, love and a sense of calm as she talks of being alone, scared and well…on hold.  God is a big part of this book too! 

how to stop a divorceThe Divorce Remedy: The Proven 7-Step Program for Saving Your Marriage:

I loved this book!!!  LOVED This book!!!  I love author Michele Weiner Davis too.  This book is for everyone who does NOT want a divorce.  As Michele says, “At the end of the day, t’s just not worth it.”  She accounts brilliantly proven strategies and steps she’s seen work.  Loved this book.  A must for you if you are even reading these words now.  Michele Weiner Davis has some great vidoes on youtube. Free.  She’s brilliant.  Be sure to watch them all.

This isn’t the Story you Think it ismid life crisis book:

Laura Mudson wrote this when her hubby was off doing…well…no one knows.  But it was how she made it through those months until he returned.  I followed this book as if my life depended on it.  It was my biggest hope.  After my own husband returned I discovered (much to my bewildered horror) that Laura and her husband did end up getting a divorce years after their reconciliation.

I actually spoke with Laura herself and as much as I prodded to find out the real honest truth of what could have possibly happened, she and her husband decided to keep their details private.  Ugh.  I have no conclusion.  But then again, their marriage was about them.  Not me, the writer with the endless will to know and share.  So if you read this amazing book of hope, please note: it DID work.  For then.  Laura is a brave beautiful woman, who, when I was going through my difficult time was there for me.  She funny too.  A beautiful soul.

I love you but i'm not in love with you

I love you but I’m not in love with you:

Ugh.  Such a crappy thing to say to someone.  If you heard those words, feel me hugging you through this page right now.  I’m so sorry.  You ARE a great person.  Specially because you refuse to just sit there and online because you are actually trying to understand wtf happened and make your life better!  Take a moment and give yourself a high five! I hated hearing those words. But I felt better when I learned that not only do men say those words often, it’s so popular, someone wrote a BOOK with those words as the title!

I have a more to add…and will do so when I have more time….but these are a great start!!