Friday, January 18, 2019


Sex can be is 50% of your Marriage...are you IN???

Everyone has their opinion.  You have yours.  I have mine. It's completely personal...and be careful of the girl/man that tells you "Once a cheater...always a cheater..." after you've been betrayed. Shhhh....Did you know, there's a group of people on this...

How To Be Happy

How to be happy....? Being happy and feeling happy are two things but you can do them both with this secret weapon!!  Look happy...feel happy...which will lead to you looking more attractive too! And guys will find that hot and sexy. There...
Your Core Values are the only thing that will keep you sane when faced with an affair or a man who makes you feel like you are the one going crazy. For example...if you believe in the Core Value of...
Maria found her husband with another woman and didn't kill her.  Instead she focused on her cowardly, scared husband weeping in the corner.  He was a mess. "Why?"  She wondered.  "Why ruin a 20 year marriage and life time of memories, kids,...
Midlife Crisis Story: The Doctor's Wife Left Him. Bob, a local popular Podiatrist, and his wife, Darla, were celebrities in their hometown simply because Bob took every opportunity to share his doctorly advice and knowledge with anyone that needed it....



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