Friday, January 18, 2019
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It only takes ONE person to change a marriage. If you don't like your marriage, don't change your partner, change YOU. It’s easy to leave, run, pack and go.  It’s hard to stay.  But in the end, it's worth it to stay.  And you know it. With me in your ear, you can get through it…and get your man back. I know you struggle: Do I stay… Do I stay I go.... Don't I deserve happiness?? I was there. Unsatisfied with the help I deperately tried to find...when my own marraige was back on track, I became (WCI certified) a Marriage Coach to help those like me who looked for help and found none. Here’s how it works: Together we come up with a strategy, then steps to accomplish it.  There are actions/rules you must do, not do and even a little homework…all to keep you on track toward your goal. I’m the only coach doing such a strategy and it works. Read my testimonials from past clients. **Divorce is expensive and painful, both physical and mental. For you, for him and those precious little creations you made together who are counting on your to figure this out.  Don’t do it.   Save the money you would spend on a lawyer and therapist and learn the tools to save your marriage and your family from implosion. Private Phone Rates: (I'm CHEAP because I'm doing this for you!) 15 mins: $20 30 Mins: $40 60 Mins: $80 Texting Rates: Available for certain situations. EMAIL:  the wife expert @ gmail . com  (see all the spaces?  Take them out to email me!) Please note: 1) You and you alone can change the direction of your marriage or relationship. 2) Sessions can be about anything: questions, problems, solutions to situations. 3) In person, Skype or phone call. Remember: You control your destiny.  You want your marriage to change. Do something. Today.  Now.  the wife expert @ gmail . com  (see all the spaces?  Take them out to email me!)

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