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How To Have a MidLife Crisis in 11 Steps



Below is one of the best reads I have found.

If you are thinking you or anyone you know is going thru a midlife crisis, read the below as if YOU were the one in the crisis and didn’t get a flying f*#k what anyone else thought and maybe you even wanted to hurt others.

Makes sense?

Only then can you look at the titles below and click the link to go read all the details.  If you read it as if you were the one having the MLC, then you will find it plan and clear on what is going on inside the head of a person with MLC.  In fact, it’s beyond perfect.  It’s tongue and cheek though.  Not to be taken too seriously.  But this is their state of mind.

This is from a site called: – again, it’s a Brilliant description of what you will endure if you are on the receiving side of the Crisis.  Pretend as you read this that YOU are the one going thru the midlife crisis!   This is your job and description of the job you are about to undergo if you want to be successful at it!

If you are involved with anyone that you believe is having a midlife crisis – the Midlife Club is an excellent resource.  And above all, right now, I send you love and compassion.  The fact that you are here and reading this means you care and you love (2 great qualities you should be grateful you have) and that alone sets you apart.

MIDLIFE For Dummies:

The following “book” originated on The Midlife Club forum several years ago in a thread started by a member with the forum ID of “Boosbrde”. It has been copied and posted to other sites without crediting where it originated. BUT I have!!  Copyright The Midlife Club. All rights reserved.  Visit the side and read the article.  It’s a wealth of information.  Not sure how long it gets updated to current day-to-day, but it has value if you are going through this.

Chapter 1 – Choosing the Correct Speech
Chapter 2 – Lessons in Building Anxiety
Chapter 3 – The Other Person (or OP or hot babe girlfriend)
Chapter 4 – Cake Eating
Chapter 5 – History Rewriting
Chapter 6 – It’s All About You!
Chapter 7 – Avoid, Ignore, & Run
Chapter 8 – Therapy
Chapter 9 –  Act like a 4 year old.
Chapter 10 – How To Threaten/How To Move Out
Chapter 11 – Art of Clinging
CUSTODY – Use Kids To Your Advantage
Method 1: The Non-Blame Statement
Method 2: The Passive Blame Statement
Method 3: The Direct Blame Statement

Copyright The Midlife Club. All rights reserved.

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