Marriage Is A Garden, Weed It or It Dies


Marriage is like a garden, weed it or it will die.

If you give something zero attention it fades.

If you nurture, love and take care of your marriage, it will grow.

Sure you will have shitty (being honest here) times and great times…and just like we say in our vows…we have to stick with it.  Cause the shit comes.  Sometimes it’s even sticky and stays…for awhile…but nothing stays the same…things do and will change.

When it comes to your garden, take care of it.  Get up.  Look at it.  See where it needs plucking and pruning and do the work.

Marriage is NOT easy.  Two people with different outlooks and different perspectives trying to live a life together for more than a weekend?  For years and years?  Hard. Friggin Hard.

But doable.  And when you get past the hurdles of hurt and muck and dirt and bugs, if you stick with it, keep getting on your knees, keep weeding…in time it will get easier and the flowers WILL grow. And grow.  And grow.

What you put in, is what you get out.
What do you want?
It’s in your hands!!

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  1. Hello Laurie. This is Anthony.

    I am impressed. I read most of your site and I like it.

    To say that you are a coach and not a psych, you have won me over.

    I do hope it is OK with you but I am going to add a few things that I think are important to your reader.
    If your client has crimes/sins/transgressions/irresponsible behavior against the person they are with never buy into their “feelings” about that person. Get them to admit their own faults. It is always there. Being critical of others is a red herring when it comes to personal relationships.

    Let me give you an example. If a spouse is critical of the other, (like they are complaining that the other spouse is not paying attention to them. That they cannot be trusted. That because of them their relationship is drifting apart.) That is all bullshit. The truth is the critical one needs to look at their own faults. But they can’t…because they have to be “right” because it’s the only way they feel better. So in the case of a wife, the only way she could be right about it is to make him wrong. And it comes out in criticalness. Obviously the same goes for men.

    The more one hides from the other person the more they nail themselves in their own coffin. Couples in good communication is the way to happiness. But what happens is one, or both, partners do something that the other does not know about or they cannot confront the truth of their misdeeds (and we all have these), and now all they each shared in common has a separation. There is distance and then they are out of communication. They get critical of the other person and communication goes out the window. The more communication exists, the more set for a happy marriage. Marriage is a constant create. The more they communicate, the further along the road to happiness they will walk. It is workable.