Secret to Happy Marriage #159


My dad was a smart man…married to my mom for almost 40 years (till he died).

We’d go to dinner often and my dad used this time away from the mundane house routine to teach life lessons.  Sometimes at these dinner outings he’d make it about marriage and love.  We were young…I’m sure between the ages of 10 and 15 is when he had the most impact on my brain?

He taught my brother how to open a door and pull out a woman’s chair for her.

Sometimes he would hold my moms hand and tell my brother and I, “One day when you are older, you’re going to find a person to marry that is as kind and loving as your mom…”

marriage adviceOther times he’d point to an older couple sitting together at a table and not talking and say, “Look at that couple, they don’t like each other…when you are looking for that person to marry, find a person that you like…who you are friends with…and one that you never have enough things to talk about.”

He repeated these little lessons over and over.  I’m sure I heard the above 2 at least 10 times.  It’s probably why I still remember them!

And I did that.  I picked a man for a husband who opens my door, pulls out my chair and who I never run out of things to talk about with.

My dad’s favorite advice:  “The secret to having a successful marriage is when both parties secretly feel they got the better end of the deal…”  He always added, “It’s a SECRET…you can’t go talking about it with your spouse…it’s a secret!!!”