5 Reasons To Tell Someone They Are Sexy!


5 Reasons To Tell Someone They Are Sexy is a great way to live your life!

A Zac Efron look alike walked by and not only did my mouth drop, I think I started to pant.


My friend knew me well but said, “Ok Ms Superficial.  Aren’t you married?”

“Of course…” I exclaimed, “I’m married, not dead.  It’s okay to look.  Just don’t touch or grope.”

Here is my belief on 5 Reasons You Should Speak Up When You See Hotness:

1) If You Aren’t Married.
YEAH!  Embrace it!  Life is open…Your choices are plentiful.  Take full advantage!!  FULL!!  Go! Play!  Taste!  Enjoy!  Live!  Touch!  Be safe!  Say yes to anything you are on the fence about – let nothing hold you back unless it’s dangerous or can put you in harms way.  So then, when you finally decide to get married, you know you are ready.  You know you are done.  Because you will have tried everything out there, you now know the right one when he or she comes along!

2) If You Are Married.
You can look and flirt and giggle all you want.  Just don’t touch.  Cause the truth is, you have your partner that you decided to chose and stay committed to.  So accept, love and focus on the one you are with and the great things you are blessed with in your life!  Then looking is just for fun because it’s safe and you have your love.

3) It’s about THEM, not you.  
I absolutely love telling a man or a woman that they are sexy, beautiful, kind, sweet.  Because there is no threat to anyone.  I’m just being kind and honest!  And how do you think they feel??  Like a rock hard superstar!  No one tells each other kind things.  They may “think” it but it’s fear that holds them back.  Fear of what the other will think of them for saying something. Will they think I’m making a pass?  Will they think I’m weird?  Stop. No one cares about you.  And no one will think you are weird if you give them a compliment unless you stand there drooling or with your tongue hanging by your chin.  If anyone does think weird of you, that’s sad.  And well…it’s their problem, not yours.  I have friend who when they do get complimented, they roll their eyes.  That is no ones fault but their own.  So please, I beg you, share your feelings!!  Compliment away!

4) Forget “The Big Head” Syndrome.
I had someone say to me once, “Yes…but they already know how good looking they are!  If you tell them they are hot, they will get a big head!”  Maybe. Maybe not.  Maybe they don’t know it.  Maybe they do.  Maybe they are insecure or someone just hurt them?  Or maybe they are so good looking no one else tells them?  But the bottom line is: Who really cares?  It’s a compliment.  That you saw and thought.  So when you do share your kind compliment, you have made them feel fantastic.  So why, oh please tell me, why is that a bad thing?

5) It’s OK With God.
God says we should go forth to love and be kind to one another.  If being kind means sharing that you think someone is hot, sexy or just has a cute haircut?  Proclaim away! It’s so much better to spread joy and love than hatred and anger.  And your good comments to make another feel good will be passed on…again and again!

Imagine a world like that???

Right now, I can see you through this page – you are awesome.  Just because you are here on my site and sharing in the joy and insights I like to bring you.

Pass it on!  In truth, we are all sexy!