Unique Fun Husband Birthday Gift From Wife


Unique Husband birthday gift from a wife is a must. Cause they have everything already!  Or if they don’t have what they want, they just buy it.  They are simple.

I LOVE finding cool, unique things to buy for my family.  Taking the time and making the effort is not only fun but they appreciate the attention to detail that you gave instead of just buying socks, undies or a gift card.  Snooooooze.

Which is really why buying a gift for any man is so friggin hard. Specially for their birthday. When there isn’t a ton of gifts under the tree waiting to be opened by tons of people.  On a birthday, there is only ONE person opening gifts for themself.  You screw it up, there is nothing else to distract them – so make it good!

What WE want for them:

This gift giving birthday thing is not about us. Or is it???  Sure there are many thing WE want them to have, because we know they NEED it, but these gifts are all stuff they don’t really WANT and can buy them all themselves.

So since we know they want you to love them, the stuff below (depending on when you are here – I may switch out some of the products I like based on what new things I discover)!  All are fun, kind of funny and touches the part of their soul that confirms with themselves they are great guys that are loved and appreicated.

And That goes well with what Men Want every single day:  attention, adoration and let them be men and know they married a cool, amazing woman.

Here is a list of stuff I’ve approved that you will love for the hubby – even if he’s not home. Just mark it for the future christmas gifts.

Don’t worry – it’s giong to grow as I find more things you will love  – I AM picky about stuff I share with you – it HAS to be good to go here.

my wife his wifeHis Wife My Wife Unicorn T-shirt.:
I saw a guy wearing this t-shirt at the airport.  He was so proud of it.  It basically screams he loves his wife and how cool she is.  So if you are cool.  This is a nice way of bragging without bragging. Cause it’s funny.


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