Love Yourself First


Love You First 

I never understood this.  Didn’t everyone feel this way?  When did I never like myself?  Never.

I always just liked me. Who I was.  What I brought to the world.  Still not sure if we are born with it…or if it is something that is nurtured into us.  Either way…if you are a parent…keep in mind the words you say to your kids.  Do you beat them down?  Do you make them feel special?  Unique?  Different – that is a GREAT thing!  Who wants to be all the same?  Follow the pack and you are the same.  Be different and your life will be different.  People get to the end of their life and wonder if they could have done things differently…would their life be different?

I say YES.

So don’t wait.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Love you first.  Like the video on a plane putting on an oxygen mask first before you do your kid.  Because if you do your kid and they pull it off or lean over and it comes off…if you are delayed in doing your mask…you both are hosed.

If you love you…then and only then can you love another.  Because if you are constantly questioning your actions or your feelings or your life….when another comes into your life…it’s like “What???  I’m too busy with ME to think about you!”  So if you get the “LOVE ME FIRST” down early….then you are seasoned and it’s a snap to want to love another.

By saying Love yourself first, it’s also a way to steer past thinking if “I meet that perfect partner, then I will be complete…”  You are complete on your own.  No one will make you happy.  No one will make you love yourself better.  If you rely on someone else to fulfill your needs and make you feel whole…sooner or later that person will fail and then you will resent them and then your life will be a mess.

So love you first..  Then, if your partner has an affair, gets cancer or does anything that makes him/her leave your for a bit or a longer bit…then you will be okay.  Because you know your worth.  A great book to buy is Loving Me First: The Journey To Discover Your Inner Self.  AMAZON.

Loving Me First Book