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    How to Feel Better

    My Goal/Mission: Save Your Marriage!!

    The fact that I am alive…still able to smile and thrive having made it through the roughest, darkest time in my entire life…is in itself a big miracle. I am the only midlife crisis surviving wife who works endlessly to help struggling wives get through this as quickly and as calmly as possible. I’ve been known to stay up till 4am with a suicidal wife and even drove 7 hours to meet with another admitted to the hospital.

    Let me be 100% clear: this journey SUCKS. Period. However, it’s a hell of a lot easier knowing you are not going through it alone. That you have me and the backing of hundreds of advisors who have also been there and succeeded!

    Help & Support NOW:

    Please, please, please join MY SUPPORT Community!!!
    It is 100% private & secure! I’m finally able to talk freely and with details about what I want you to do.

    When He Left…

    I knew I wanted him back.
    But how?
    All I could think about was: How do I get him away from his affair partner?
    What do I do to bring him home?
    How do I even know he will come home?

    Everyone told me: “Forget him!” “Screw him!”
    But I couldn’t. I wanted him back. I wanted him home.

    NO ONE Understood, no one could help me. I felt so alone…so abandoned…but I never gave up. On him, on my family, on me.

    Never Ever Ever Give Up:

    NEVER give up. That’s hard to do. This is why I started this site…because no one understood me. And I knew what I needed and now I deliver that to so so many wives.

    Also – during my time in the “midlife crisis hell,” I never gave up searching for solutions. There had to be a way to bring him home!? And after almost 2 years of staying straight on my path and commitment to doing what worked and staying away from what didn’t work, my hard-worked endured! My husband came home!


    I finally understood…amid all of his horrible decisions, as an insane crazy man, he was hurting too. Possibly more than me. If you can even imagine that? So, one day at a time…one objection at a time…I stayed straight and built trust back into my feelings for him. And showed him I was of value and worth the pain it took to get our marriage back on track.

    Was it worth it? YES! YES! YES!!! That’s why I am here!!!

    NO Divorce:

    In every divorce, massive lessons are missed in order to save a family. Don’t go to the “dark side,” stay here with me…let me show you there is a way out!

    A New Perspective:

    Anything is possible. Anything!! You just have to believe it first. If you can’t get there…that’s why you call me or sign up for the videos.

    Your husband is not your husband right now. He’s lost himself and there is NOTHING you can do.

    If this makes sense, you will learn lots here. If this is confusing, you will learn even more. As EVERYTHING I’ve ever learned, discovered, uncovered and understand I now share here on this site and in my membership classes.

    I can not share my personal information with the public. Please do not join my membership unless you are someone who really wants to learn how to bring their hubby home and get your marriage back on the right track.

    I talk to women every day to help them navigate this Midlife Crisis hell.When all possible support begins to run away because they can’t help you bring your husband back….I’m showing you the way to stop his affair and bring him back so that he falls in love with you again.Check out my Testimonials and read actual texts from many wives who are thrilled to have my only a text or phone call away!

    The amazing wives I help every single day…are PROOF that what I do…what I teach…works.

    There is power in hope, forgiving and simply believing things will work out for your marriage and that he WILL come home. Let me help you get him home!

    How I Work:

    I am a coach. I am your biggest advocate, support, fan and comfort. I help you remain calm and guide you to make the right moves at the right time. If you want to stay in your marriage, I will stay with you. I am there to keep you strong, help you breathe, pick you up off the floor, kick you in the ass when you need it and remind you who you are, what you are made of and what you believe in!

    Look at “What Others Say” above.My wives who are open to sharing, are all happy and grateful. Not one has ever been disappointed with my service.

      What to do here on my site?

    1. Start reading…read it all…
    2. If you need personal help directed to your situation…email me. (take the spaces out – it’s for spam)

    And always: Love. Love is always the answer. Always.