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    From the moment you open your eyes, you feel alone, scared, sad and even angry.

    When my husband walked out the door and told me he is never coming back, I made a promise with God, “Help me bring my husband home and I will quit my job and teach and coach others to do what I did.” 

    That was in 2013.

    With God’s help, I made it through the roughest, darkest time in my entire life…and experienced a miracle. Today, I help other women with what I desperately wanted and needed when I was in your shoes. 

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    This is hell.

    I talk to women every day to help them navigate this Midlife Crisis.

    Do not be a victim.

    Do not let your kids suffer.

    I will show you a way to stop his affair and bring him back, so that he falls in love with you again.

    The amazing wives I help every single day…are PROOF that what I do…what I teach…works.

    There is power in hope, forgiving and simply believing things will work out for your marriage and that he WILL come home.

    No fear!  
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    When He Left…

    I knew I wanted him back.
    But how?
    All I could think about was: How do I get him away from his affair partner?
    What do I do to bring him home?
    How do I even know he will come home?

    Everyone told me: “Forget him!” “Screw him!”
    But I couldn’t. I wanted him back. I wanted him home.

    NO ONE Understood, no one could help me. I felt so alone…so abandoned…but I never gave up. On him, on my family, on me.

    Never Ever Ever Give Up:

    NEVER give up. That’s hard to do. This is why I started this site…because no one understood me. And I knew what I needed and now I deliver that to so so many wives.


    Is “Standing” Worth It?

    You will have pain no matter if you go or if you stand.
    One leads to division, the other leads to love. 

    You made a promise to love a man…he is lost…will you be lost too? 
    Or will you hold true to your promise?

    When we finally understand…amid all of his horrible decisions, as an “insane crazy man.”
    We learn, we see. 

    Then when I remind you who you are and teach you how to show him what you are made of..
    you will have accomplished the greatest challenge of your life time!

    Was it worth it for me?  Hell yeah!  I can’t wait to meet you!