10 Reasons Why to Have Sex With Husband NOW

10 Reasons Why to Have Sex With Husband…now?

I’m always puzzled when married women tell me they won’t have sex with their husbands.


Their answers are all different and all mean something to them…but all of them can be trumped by the reasons below.

10 Reasons why you must have sex with your husband now:

  1. Emotional Connection.  Even if you don’t have the official “O” just getting your pieces physically connected brings together your souls.  If they don’t connect often…they wander.
  2.  It feels good.  Yes you are tired, but when it’s over, everyone is always glad they did it. Suck it up, you will feel this way too.
  3. It’s great exercise.  Get on top.  MOVE.  Be sexy.
  4. Animal instincts are calmed.  Men need it.  Otherwise they prowl.  Outside. At work.  On the street.  This stops the search.  He’s done.
  5. Use it or lose it.  Men will say they use porn when their wives won’t get down.  But over time, the natural connection becomes between humans isn’t as fulfilling without the ‘drug’ of the watching porn.  So turn to a human first.
  6. Health. Studies say Sex keeps you young.  Let’s look back at 5 and the use it or lose it.
  7. Glow.  Yes, after sex, Oxytocin and dopamine will give you a natural high.  You look good and others find you sexy.
  8. Success. Men that have sex and feel connected and love, perform better at work than men without it.
  9. Promotes Calm in Marriage.  When you are feeling anger or sadness toward your partner, doing the mingle, allows us to let go of some of that anger…”it’s not that big of a deal…”
  10. Divorce buffer.  People who have sex may still get divorced, but it’s a NEED that everyone has.  Fulfilling needs keep people from straying or finding greener grass.  So if this need is scratched, people stick around.

My favorite is number 1.  Emotional connection.  Stay connected to each other.

Treat each other the way YOU want to be treated.
If everyone did that…think of the world we would live in?

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