Today (Weds, June 17th) at 3:30 pm I will be one of the panel hosts on the Barry Shore show.

I have zero idea what will happen, they invited me and because it’s about marriage and I’m the underdog in my strong opinions, I said yes.

So if you are around, listen’s FREE!

No judging me though!

Here is what they told me to share with you all:


SUBJECT LINE: Marriage: Anachronism or Ultra Modern

 Marriage: is it the bedrock of society or an ancient and outdated system that should have been relegated to the ashbin of history?

On June 17 at 3:30 pm PDT, join us on Zoom for Marriage: Anachronism or Ultra Modern. This webinar promises 90 minutes of lively interactive discussion around one of the three most important and least understood, yet pivotal milestones on the path of life.

CLICK the following link to reserve your seat

Hope to see you there if you can listen in?

This is Barry…he is paralyzed. And a happy, happy guy!!