8 Reasons to Have Sex With Your Husband

8 Reasons To Have Sex With Your Husband…is a ridiculous reason for a blog post! But after talking to a dear friend who I thought has been happily married to a woman for 15 years, has not been having sex with her for over 2 years. What? Why???? “What’s wrong,” I asked him. “I don’t know…she just stopped having sex with me and we just don’t talk about it, but she always says No to me.” It didn’t make any sense.  How does one not talk about sex?  How does that even happen?  While he is not a client and I have no place to ask him personal questions, I was able to uncover that the worst part about his life is he loves her and they are the best of friends.  Just no sex.  Hmmm. So he’s trying to get out.  At one point he said he is just going to leave becasue he can’t take it any more.  Because we shouldn’t be talking about it!!!  You shouldn’t be reading this!!!  You should be doing it!!  Now!  Often!  So if that’s enough for you – close this up and go find him and give him that sexy eye you gave him when you were dating…and reach for his ‘thing.’  (Men do not need forplay.) (most of them anyway) (I’ve never gotten a letter than said, “Ugh…she never talks to me first!) If you are the wife initiating your husband for it – you are in a good spot.  (unless the reason he’s not doing it is because there is another woman) Cause when men are begging and then don’t get it…there will be another woman.  They WILL search elsewhere.  Period. Even if they don’t follow through with it…they look, seek, fantasize. If you don’t want them doing that, then DO IT with them.  Often. (Didn’t I just say this above???) I’ll say it 80 times.  You know you like it.  Sure you are tired, feeling exhausted, don’t feel like it….we all are tired, exhausted and don’t feel like it.  But you know, once you start, or better yet, once it’s over, you are so glad you did. 8 reasons Why You Should Stop Reading and Go Find Your Husband and Have sex with him:
  1. To connect.  We are all so busy, if we don’t connect with our partner, we feel off, disconnected.
  2. Because it feels good.
  3. Your kids will be happier.  When mom and dad are connected, kids feel safe and secure!
  4. A satisfied man is a successful man.  Confident, secure and ready to conquer the world.
  5. Money flows – re-read #4 or click to read this article.
  6. Respect.  Without respect toward one another – couples will start to disintegrate.
  7. You.  When you have sex, you feel good and then you feel safe and secure in your marriage enough to go out and do your thing with confidence.
  8. Longevity.  Connected couples live longer.  Period.
Bottom line?  Stop bitching about sex.  Just do it!!  If he asks and you want to say no, the faster you say yes and get on with it, the faster it will be over!!  But then again….don’t forget to enjoy yourself!!  You have one life.  One husband.  ENJOY him!!!

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