A Midlife Crisis Success Story #3

Her story…her husband left her and then he returned home to his wife.

Below is a story of one of the wives I worked with. Such a sweet girl. My heart ripped open from the story she shared with me. Although I’ve been through my own horrid version of what I hear from wives every single day, I continue to wonder WTH is going through these men, our once loving husbands.

I’ve never seen a photo of “H” or asked her what she looked like, however, I see her has a beautiful, glowing woman with a kind, sweet voice frustrated at what her long-term husband was doing….and the chaos he brought into her life.

“My husband, an over the road truck driver, called to say he wanted a break from our 15-year marriage. Why? Because he needed to find himself.

I could feel something was indeed different prior to the call, there was less communication and when and if there was, it was short or the talk became a fight.

One day he came home and he was a totally different person. He had dead eyes, picked fights with me all of the time, and he was disappearing making secret phone calls. Then one night he says we need to talk. This is when I find out about horseface. 

Long story short, I begged,  pleaded, and did everything I thought I could to bring my husband back. It didn’t work. At one point, he even chose to bring horseface to our home. I left. I stayed at other places.

It was during this time I found Laurie (TheWifeExpert.com) and God. And I decided I wasn’t giving up.

I fought for him not with him.

I watched as horseface showed her true colors with lies while deceiving my husband.  I stayed patient and started following Laurie’s advice. 

I can now happily say, my husband, is now home! Yes it is awful and hard to deal with him at times, but we are learning each other all over again!! I couldn’t be happier.  

Laurie, I owe my marriage to you and your amazing advice.  God brought you into my life when I was lost and I thank you.

Never give up, fight for him, not with him!!

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