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When my husband chose to hone in on a new friend/‘soul mate,’ clearly in a state of MLC, I was in shock. I needed help, support and sound advice fast!  Where?? How?? I had never felt so alone. Specially when I heard nothing from other friends but “F him!” “You deserve better!” “Run!”  And yet I couldn’t. something was wrong. This was not my story.  And I was sure of that!  Yet there was no one and nothing out there to help me navigate my thoughts and actions to help me get my husband home. So I spent 2 very long, lonely years doing massive obsessive research: Digging up, interviewing, dissecting and investigating hundreds of marriages – successes and failures, what did they do?  What did they not do? What did they realize later? What mistakes did they make?  What worked, what didn’t, what did they regret, what did they wish they would have done differently.  These answers, solutions, strategies built everything I did back then to bring my husband home and everything I have incorporated today so I can teach you what worked fo me!  How to bring your husband home too!

There is NO REASON to reinvent the wheel!  

I just took the nitty gritty of what was needed and that was it!  
It worked.

As soon as my husband came home…others began to come to me for help. And I got busy.  I decided to go to this Community School and apply to teach a class I created!

This was what happened:

The HR admin man said, “You have several college degrees but, you don’t have a teaching degree.  No one will take your class because you aren’t certified to be a teacher!”
I almost laughed but instead I politely said, “Actually everyone will want to take my class.  I will sell out.  The information I will be teaching will change women forever!”
He laughed at me and said, “Well, you can’t teach here in our community without a degree.”
I left.  
Frustrated.  I knew I was meant to do this…but how?  

A good friend said, “You know you can just get a life coach certificate…?”
I said, “Hmmmm….I can not be a life coach.  I make fun of those people.”

Later I thought, “I could be a WIFE coach.”


I signed up to get my Coaching Certificate in a solid year program and  the rest is history!!

I never did go back to that school.  😂

Let’s be 100% clear:  I am a better teacher of what I learned and know then anyone!  Becoming a Certified Coach, specializing in midlife crisis advice & support, is my greatest gift to this world!  To date, I have helped thousands of women make it through separation, stop their divorce, and get their husbands back!  

Now that you are here reading this – you are next!!

Since 2014, I have dedicated my life to helping wives and husbands weave their way through Midlife Crisis and other marriage disasters. It is never too late.
Stop listening to your friends and get advice from an expert.  

You CAN have the marriage you want!

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What I am NOT?

I am not a counselor.
I am not a therapist.
I am not here to waste your time or your money.
I am a COACH. I hold your hand and help you to get your husband home and your marriage back better than before!! I get you out of the dugout onto the field, up to bat and holding your position just right to hit that ball out of the park!  With me…you get the HOMERUN!!

What We Do Together?

1) Set up goals, strategy, solutions, deadlines, action plans.
2) Teach new behaviors so you know what to do, how to act, what to say.
3) Teach what works and what doesn’t work.(Cause all husbands are not the same.)
4) We get you to see where you have made mistakes, where you will make future mistakes, how to accept them, and then redirect to a new plan.
5) Build confidence and certainty.
6) Bring Calmness and understanding that what you are doing is right and sane and better than running to the hills as a victim of divorce!

What I Do For You?

Whether he is at home, living away, living with a girl, being a miserable ass or maybe he is just about to leave or threatening to leave…. I am 100% dedicated to helping you get him home and make your marriage better than ever. Your family is so important to me, I stop my life to help you. Because I’ve been where you are and I know how horrible that pain is.  


No matter what the state of your marriage!

Is is never too late!  
You can have love again!

I help you get what you want!  

Do not Settle for blah!
Do not Leave!

Do not give up!!

Let’s Go!

Let go…let GOD….
Live your life!  
Like below..

Here is me just being silly.  


Find joy!!  

Find Laughter!!!

“Life is not a slow tired walk to your grave….Oh No! I plan on sliding in sideways, holding loads of memories and laughing my ass off yelling, ‘Whooo hoo! What a ride!’ ”  Laurie McDermott aka