Coincidences: When God Winks At You Review

I have never read a book so facinating that I couldn’t put it down. But when I bought “When God Winks at You…How God Speaks Directly To You Though the Power of Coincidence.”  I was hooked. Costco has never sold me a book I didn’t love, but never have I come home from buying a book, sat down and devour in a single day.  I never, ever do that.  This book was THAT good.  Full of stories that inspire you and make you believe 100% that God truly speaks to us.  Story after story, even of celebrities (Squire Rushnell is connected) (not sure how he ended up with that name, but I’m gonna go on a limb and bet there is only one). Squire collected these weird, sometimes freaky coincidences that made my hair on my arms stand up.  And I didn’t even know there was hair there!!  It was a great distraction from reading all the relationship books I’d been reading for the past 3 years.  This book made me laugh and made me realize there MUST be someone looking out over us.  There must be more than just here and now.  And that gives me great comfort.  Specially when I’ve been out and about and heard a story about something that just happened that was freaky or weird.  I’d say, “Oh, that’s a God Wink!” god wink bookPeople would stare at me like I was nuts!  I explained and became a walking voice for Squire’s God Wink Empire.  As he has a series of these God Wink Books now.  One of those other books, “God Wink Stories” is on my bedroom nightstand.  I still haven’t read it because I don’t want it to be over.  Having it sit there gives me hope!  started thinking about my own “GodWinks!” Like when I said NO to going on a trip with my best friend/neighbor because my boyfriend was coming back from vacation and I had to breakup with him in person…and she was mad that I wouldn’t go she didn’t even say good-bye to me as she walked to get into her other friends car.  That night I was coming home late, almost midnight and past by a cemetery.  There was a cloud cover across the cemetery and street that made me feel uneasy…like I felt something was wrong.  When I turned down my street, and into our cul-de-sac, there were a bunch of cars in front of our house.  I was sick.  I knew something was wrong.  I just didn’t know what.  And I didn’t want to know.  I walked in the front door and my dad appeared from the kitchen and said teary, “Oh honey…” I screamed, “I don’t want to know!” ran upstairs and slammed my bedroom door.  My parents came in to tell me my friend was killed in a car accident.  We all knew I should have been in that car.  My friend was an only child and to this day she still says mean comments to my mother about that fact that my mom had more than one child and that God should have taken me.  It’s sad.  I feel bad.  But I also feel grateful.  I was picked to stay here.  Why?  I don’t know or care…but it taught me to take more chances and risks in life, to not be scared of people or what others think or feel about me.  I missed death.  I am free. The other GodWink?  Freaky.  I was always a nail bitter and my dad yelled at me often to stop.  (I still do it now! How do you quit???) When I was 24 my dad died.  He had a 1976 red cadillac convertible when I was a teen…and we all loved that car.  I was living in California at the time and about a year after he died, I was sitting at the Southbound stop light at the corner of Sunset and Laurel Canyon biting my nails.  When suddenly out of nowhere I hear a voice shout, “Hey!  Stop biting your nails!!!”  I turned to the left to see a man, looking quite like my dad, sitting right next to me in a red cadalliac convertible!  I couldn’t speak the whole way home.

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