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He Says: I love you, but I’m not in love with you… I never loved you… You forced me into marriage… I only stayed because of the kids…
We are just roommates… We’ve grown apart… You never liked me…
I Say: BULLSHYT! I can Help: Hold your hand! Teach you stuff! Keep you sane!

The Power of Patience

“When do you think he will be coming home…like just exactly how long do you... Read More

When A Child Dies…

“He’s gone…” were the first words she said to me. It didn’t make sense. What?... Read More

How To Fall Back In Love

“I’m not in love with you…I really don’t think I was ever in love with... Read More

How Not to Be A Doormat To Midlife Man

Every week I have at least 3-4 women telling me , “I am doing my... Read More

Visualization Can Bring Husband Home

Visualize! Think about it! Obsess about it! I’m not talking about visualizing a 747 jetliner... Read More

Midlife Crisis or Death?

Last night I spent time with two women. It wasn’t until they were both seated... Read More

Get My Grateful Book or Journal

GET MY GRATEFUL BOOK!! I made it just for you all and it’s AWESOME –... Read More

MidLife Crisis Marriage Bible Help

It’s always interesting to hear when someone shares that there is a verse in the... Read More

Happiness Study Harvard 80 Years Long

In 1938, Harvard scientists began tracking the health of 268 Harvard sophomores. (JFK, the president,... Read More

What To Do When Someone Lets You down

They were out of beer.  Jennifer immediately jumped up and said she was going out... Read More

When Husband Wants to Buy a Sports car

First of all – if he wants to buy a sports car – be GRATEFUL... Read More

7 Ways to Know If He IS Right For Me

7 ways to Know if he IS really right for me…is a question we all ask... Read More

Avoid The Shitty Wife Syndrome

If you have landed here…you can clearly see and read I have tons of advice... Read More

Marriage Advice from Long Ago Still Valid Today

Marriage Advice from Long Ago Still Valid Today. Let’s all agree on one thing:  Marriage... Read More

Secret to Successful Marriage #1

Secret to Successful Marriage #1 “The secret to a successful marriage is when both parties... Read More

Secret to Happy Marriage 1

They were an adorable black couple. Smiling.  Happy.  Joyful. Both were about 55 years old... Read More

Why She Left Him…

Why She left him…no one really knows.  Neither does she. There wasn’t another man. Many... Read More

10 Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage

10 Simple Rules For A Happy Marriage are…. Rules for a happy marriage are far... Read More

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