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"I love you, but I'm not in love with you..." "I never loved you..." "You forced me into marriage long ago..." "I only stay here with you because of the kids!" "We're roommates..." "We've grown apart..." "You never really loved me..." That's what they say. Do you know I say? "BULLSHYT." Come journey with me....let me hold your hand...teach you a bunch of things all while keeping you sane and saving your family! xo Laurie

How Do I Know if He’s the One to Marry?

How do you know if he's the one to marry? This one piece of advice I will give you below is SO important that it is all you need to know prior. Sooooo much to share,...
cheating with a married man

What To Do With The Other Woman (Besides Kill Her.)

What To Do With The Other Woman (Besides Kill Her.) Ugh. I hate this title. Makes me sick actually. Cause you know you won't kill her because it's not worth going to jail cause then your hubby would...
Loving Me First Book

How To Love Yourself First

Love You First  Why? You can't love anyone else if you do not know how to love yourself.  Period. Right after my husband left, many people who heard about the sudden right turn my marriage was facing,...
loving me first

What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do?   If he was married and his wife ran off with one of his other desciple buddies?  Would he be mad?  Pissed off?  Bitter? Would he hunt that apostle down, shoot...

5 Reasons To Tell Someone They Are Sexy!

I walked past Mr. Sexy and stopped.  His dark blue eyes were so penetrating I had to do something.  So I spoke, "Excuse me...I am struck by something and have to share this with...