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There is little that compares to watching a man you love fall victim to the fantom Midlife Crisis. Especially when you are faced with a dis-believing family and friends who push you to divorce. If you choose to stand...then you have found your home. But you're not going to cave like a doormat, NOPE!!! Time to rise up and face the biggest challenge you will ever stand up to! This is not for the weak dear readers, this is for the women who know the difference between right and wrong, commitment and cowardice....victimhood and forgiveness.

Farewell My Beloved

As a Marriage and wife coach, I take an oath of confidentiality.  Period.  The other day, one of my beautiful wives ("standing" for husband), shared the poem below. I was blown away that she...

Midlife Crisis Effect On Teens

What is the effect of a midlife crisis on teens?
Regret midlife crisis man who left

Midlife Crisis Man Is Full of Regret Leaving Wife

The Midlife Crisis Regret Story is below.... This link to this Midlife Crisis story is about a man who cheated and lives with regret. I don't know this...
Self love during mlc

Midlife Crisis Spouse Must Love Self

When he is stuck and wandering the earth, you must keep going. When it happened to me, I struggled to get out of bed each and every...

What a Midlife Crisis Man Thinks

What a Midlife Crisis Man Thinks is not what he is on the outside. NO ONE knows what is going on inside anyone's mind. Ever.  Even if we ask - we could get a bunch...

Midlife Crisis is Generational

I have more stories to share on here than I have time. Today I found this story from a woman that just sent it to me randomly last year!

Expectations In A Midlife Crisis

I love when wives send me things they find to share with others! Thank you! Below is a article about "Expectations" that is so...

Midlife Crisis Witness Shares Her Story

I talk to you wonderful amazing woman daily and I can't tell you how much I am honored to be of service to you on your rollercoaster journey with your husband.

The Eyes of a Midlife Crisis

Below is a letter from a woman who is struggling with her own husband who is having a MLC. Here in her words she describes her situation with generations...

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