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Lynn & Sam

Lynn & Sam were married for 17 years. They had 3 kids and a good time. He was a player and she was the straight arrow.

Journal Note Books

If you are working with me (and even if you aren't!) you need the perfect notebook to keep track of your thoughts and goals for your marriage and family. Pick from...
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A Marriage Success Story: Fish & Frieda

Married 64 years, Fish and Frieda were a couple to notice. The had to be the oldest looking people I noticed at the airport yesterday. When I saw first got a glimpse of them I...

How To Be Happy

How to be happy....? Being happy and feeling happy are two things but you can do them both with this secret weapon!!  Look happy...feel happy...which will lead to you looking more attractive too! And guys will...

5 Core Values That Keep You Sane

Your Core Values are the only thing that will keep you sane when faced with an affair or a man who makes you feel like you are the one going crazy. For example...if you believe...
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Marriage Divorce Reason #12: I Was Nice For 15 Years

Marriage Divorce Excuse #12.... "I Was Nice For 15 Years!!" I wanted to respond, "Wow.  Good for you...you did your best and now it's hard and you want out..." But a coach can't say that.  A coach...
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5 Ways To Look Sexy

Look Sexy goes along with my Mantra for Wives: Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good. Fat thin, chubby, small, large? who gives a crap. He fell in love with you for a reason, get that reason back....
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8 Reasons to Have Sex With Your Husband

8 Reasons To Have Sex With Your Husband...is a ridiculous reason for a blog post! But after talking to a dear friend who I thought has been happily married to a woman for 15 years, has...
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Maria: Found Her Husband With Another Woman: Solution

Maria found her husband with another woman and didn't kill her.  Instead she focused on her cowardly, scared husband weeping in the corner.  He was a mess. "Why?"  She wondered.  "Why ruin a 20 year marriage and...
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Best Tip For Great Marriage Advice

The Best Tip for a Great Marriage is listening to your partner.  Ha!  Easy?  So frigging hard!!  Because WE all want to talk!   But if you listen, you will learn to understand. “Marriage is...