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True Midlife Crisis Stories!

Success Stories from real people who survived a Midlife Crisis and can talk about it!
(One day your story will be here too!! xoxo)

Left Behind Husband Shares Story About Midlife Crisis Wife

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MidLife Crisis Success Story Husband Returns

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Wife Letter: Husband Left For Woman

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The Wife Expert Magazine Article

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Trish & Shane Midlife Cheating Wife Comes Home! Husband Shares his Story

The caller asked in a deep voice… “Do you ever coach men?” “YES! I LOVE... Read More

Midlife Crisis Testimony From Husband Who Left Wife and Came Back

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Linda’s Mom Left Her Husband

Linda was a funny black woman with a smile so big it almost spelled “happy.”... Read More

Love Advice from Albert Einstein

Ok…this was sent to me by a wife whom I adore (like how I feel... Read More

The Doctors…Marriage Choices

It still happens. Like about 1 hour ago when I was standing at the entrance... Read More

Success Story of Stormy & Mary

This is the marriage success story of two people I hope to hug one day!... Read More

A Story of Regret…

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A Midlife Crisis Success Story #3

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Midlife Crisis Witness Shares Her Story

I talk to you wonderful amazing woman daily and I can’t tell you how much... Read More

Little Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was an outstanding human. Below is a story of how he was more... Read More

Following Alix…Watch a Success Story…unfolding…

Alix, my newest client, (that hadn’t planned on being a client herself) has agreed to... Read More

Lynn & Sam…A Story

Lynn & Sam were married for 17 years. They had 3 kids and a good... Read More

Midlife Crisis Husband in the Attic

My aunt remembers like it was yesterday, only she was 12 years old. Living with... Read More