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True Midlife Crisis Stories!

Success Stories from real people who survived a Midlife Crisis and can talk about it!
(One day your story will be here too!! xoxo)

Sally & Bob Success Story

Success stories are only known about because someone asks. Older people have SO much experience... Read More

A Marriage Success Story: Fish and Frieda

Married 64 years, Fish and Frieda were a couple to notice. The had to be... Read More

Midlife Crisis Success Story Allie and Mike

Midlife Crisis Success Story:  Allie and Mike Allie was just 18 and a freshman at... Read More

Marriage After 70 George & Carol Their Story

Marriage After 70?  George & Carol.  This is Their Story: George lost his wife.  Not... Read More

Midlife Crisis Her Story: Chantelle

Chantelle married her high school sweetheart.  She’d never been with another man but for the... Read More

Midlife Crisis Story: The Doctor’s Wife Left Him.

Midlife Crisis Story: The Doctor’s Wife Left Him. Bob, a local popular Podiatrist, and his... Read More

Marriage Success Story #118; Casey & Monica – When a Wife Makes More

Marriage Success Story #118; Casey and Monica – When a Wife Makes More Money… Casey... Read More

Diana & Rick…a Habitual Cheating Story…

Diana & Rick have a story that is straight from the books about habitual cheating.... Read More

Tommy & Cheryl…the regret of Divorce

Tommy & Cheryl are a story of the regret of Divorce.  The studly looking couple... Read More

Brenda & Jeff: Stop the Lies

This is the TRUE story of Brenda & Jeff…(real names changed to keep privacy).  Right... Read More

How To Let Him Go: Francine & Joey

He was Italian and she was Irish.  He was short and chubby and she was talk and... Read More

Maria: Found Her Husband With Another Woman: Solution

Maria found her husband with another woman and didn’t kill her.  Instead she focused on her cowardly,... Read More

How To Forgive: The Story of Inez and Charlie

Inez is a sweet older lady.  Married for 37 years, she and her husband Carlos loved... Read More

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