Best Mom Christmas Present

The following was made PRE-Midlife husband leaving.

Pre- MLC I had a different life.

Back then as a proud wife and mom I shared the joys and pains with readers in dozens of US magazines under: The CEO of the House. When my MLC hubby left, my mental state went to pure survival. Since then, like me…many magazines have disappeared. And the items I had back then were put away.

Till now. If you want…you can get one of them…only here.

  1. The Book “The CEO of the House” (award-winning articles from my columns here in CA and family recipes!) I wrote a column with this same name for years in several California magazines and took the best of these columns and put them into a book….and added secret delicious recipes held by my family.
  2. T-Shirt “The CEO of the House T-shirt” (funny, funny, and comfy!) The T-shits are awsome – I have tank tops and regular ones in all sizes.

T-shirt – $15 (was $25)
Book – $8 (was $15)
Both – $20 (was $40)
Shipping- FREE.

PayPay – (write in the notes what you want and your address!)
Venmo – Laurie-Mcdermott-0 (write in the notes what you want and your address)

The CEO of the House” Book $8 (was $15) Free Shipping.

CEO of the house Book by Laurie McDermott
CEO of the house Book by Laurie McDermott

T-shirts (Regular, Tank Top & V-neck) only $15 (was $25) Free Shipping.

CEO of the house T-shirt
CEO of the house T-shirt

Or Get BOTH! GREAT gift for a New Mom! (oh lord, can you imagine??) Both – $20 (was $40) Free Shipping.

CEO of the house T-shirt Back by Laurie McDermott
BACK of the CEO of the house T-shirt by Laurie McDermott

Merry Chrismas everyone!

Feel free to share this page with a new mom….wish they really knew what lay ahead…

Maybe our choices…. would be different?

Stay strong. Stay straight.

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