The Best Comfort Blanket

Yes. I found one. This blanket is all comfort. While I love the weighted blanket for anti-anxiety safe sleep for adults and kids, this blanket is one you can snuggle with on the couch, or a chair or at your desk.


Best part – they have words on the blanket!!! JOY!!! You know how much I love words!! (FYI – There are so many on my walls that my kids have banned me from buying any more signs for the walls. tee tee…they didn’t outlaw blankets!)

This blanket has words like, “love and peace and resilience…” Words written right on the blanket!! Like I said, “I couldn’t have designed a better blanket myself!!”

A friend told me about this blanket and I immediately went and ordered one!! Yes. It’s everything I thought!!

Get the COMFORT blanket!! Get this for YOU! Now!!

Close up!!
On blanket!

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