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You Found me!!!!
YES!!! You are in the RIGHT place!  ALL is going to be GREAT!!!  I promise!!

And I am honored you came to me at  My goal is to hold your hand and help you through this horrid unfair time so you can stay sane, grow stronger and get your marriage back on track!!  If your husband is having an affair, has just “left”, is just acting like a lunatic or you think he’s going through a midlife crisis and people are yelling at your to bail on him…

I can help.

Everything I do is completely Confidental and private!  
To learn more from other wives: a few of my brave clients have shared their testimonials!  click here to view them.

You have come to the right place and I’m waiting to hear from you.

You have one life.  Why not make it the best it can be?  Especially with the one person you promised to share it with?

Private Wife/Marriage Coaching:
TheWifeExpert @ gmail . com (take out the spaces – they are there for spam)
Please write “Help or 911” in the subject line so I can respond right away.

Speaking Events:
TheWifeExpert @ gmail . com (take out the spaces – they are there for spam)
Please write “Speaking” in the subject line.

I have been right where you are…and I know the way out.
With love, kindness, understanding and compassion,

“To know me is to like me”

I AM..

  • Originally from Chicago.
  • The oldest of 6 siblings.
  • CEO of an airbnb (3 beautiful hotel-ish bedrooms – inside my home! (come visit!!!)
  • Thrilled to live in a heaven-on-earth location, 12 blocks from the beach in Manhattan Beach.
  • In love my family more than anything.
  • Host of an unbelievable party (22 years) called, “The Thank You Party” where the most amazing kind WONDERFUL get to mingle & connect with each other!
  • Humbled to connect with friends & other family.
  • Smart & Funny…to everyone but my kids.
  • Excited to see my favorite TV show “This is Us.”


  • Author is Wayne Dyer.
  • Books are “Imagine Heaven” and “Life is Magic.”
  • Animals?  My dog, 2 cats & 2 turtles.