Reach out to me! I want your family back together just as much as you!

When my husband left me to be with his newly discovered ‘soul mate,’ clearly in a state of MLC, I needed help, support and sound advice. I was alone.There was nothing out there to help me get my husband home.So I spent those long awful 2 years doing massive obsessive research.Digging up, interviewing, dissecting and investigating hundreds of marriages – successes and failures, what they did do, what they didn’t do, what worked, what didn’t, what they regret, what they wish they would have done differently…to find the right answers/solutions get my own husband home.

It worked.
Then I noticed others began to come to me for help.I then became a Certified Coach, specializing in midlife crisis advice & support.
To date, I have helped hundreds of women make it through separation, stop their divorce, and get their husbands back.

What I am NOT?

I am not a counselor.
I am not a therapist.
I am not here to waste your time or your money.
(I exist to hold you hand and coach you to get your husband home and your marriage back better than before.)

What We Do Together?

1) Set up goals, strategy, solutions, deadlines, action plans.
2) Teach new behaviors so you know what to do, how to act, what to say.
3) Teach what works and what doesn’t work.(Cause all husbands are not the same.)
4) We get you to see where you have made mistakes, where you will make future mistakes, how to accept them, and then redirect to a new plan.
5) Build confidence and certainty.
6) Bring Calmness and understanding that what you are doing is right and sane and better than running to the hills as a victim of divorce!

What I Do For You?

Whether he is at home, living away, living with a girl, being a miserable ass or maybe he is just about to leave or threatening to leave…. I am 100% dedicated to helping you get him home and make your marriage better than ever. Your family is so important to me, I stop my life to help you. Because I’ve been where you are and I know how horrible that pain is.  


“Laurie wants my husband home as much as me!”



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What I do topples the cost of divorce 100 times over…
but MORE importantly…
your family stays together!

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