Dennis Prager Show Listen!!

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When a random night out (in October last year) (gosh I miss those days) (damn Corona) with a few dear friends ended in a short coaching session with one angry mom/wife and me, everyone sitting listening grew quiet at my strange words. Stop. Love. Relax. Be. Stay.

After the topic changed, my friend, Sarah, suggested I reach out to Dennis Prager, “You have to go on his show! He needs to know you exist…You are just like him! He’s just going to love you and what you do for this world…”

I smiled and said, “Yes…” With the growing wives that needed me…as well as my own loving family that I saved and adore…it’s hard to find time to flag down a famous radio host?

Then one day I was sitting in bed with my computer. It was very late and I thought, “Hmmm…why not?” I quickly searched for “The Dennis Prager Show” and found a few emails to producers and well…Dennis…and took my chances. I sent them all the same letter about me and what I do for women who reach out to me to help get their husbands home and their marriage back on track.

An hour later I received a response! Cool right? It was from Dennis.

How respectable. You send an email and they respond? Very Very Very nice.

I went to bed and the next day I didn’t notice but someone named Allen was trying to reach me via Text. Then they called, “This is Allen, producer from the Dennis Prager show…he’d liked you to be on the show today at 10am.”

“Sure! Like in 10 minutes??”

“Yes. At 10am.”

It was 9:50am.

I laughed. I didn’t set any appointments that morning because I had to go to Costco to grab toilet paper. (We’d been using tissues for weeks now. Thanks to CoronaPanic. But since there was no time like the present, I said, “Sure!”)

Ten minutes later I was talking to Dennis.

My brother-in-law in Chicago was at lunch at listening to Dennis and texted my sister:

I hope you enjoy listing to the show…

The reason I posted the details is because YOU have the power to GET what you want!! Anything!!

The first thing you have to do is…DO SOMETHING in the direction of what you want. If that “doing something” is shutting up for a while so you can listen to your husband… Or taking a shower and smelling nice! Or playing a game with your kids instead of watching TV.

That’s the key!! You control you!

My next mission with Dennis? Lunch when this Corona thing is over.

Keep you posted! Guess how I will make that happen????

One step….

Besides your husband…(set him in the back for a moment) and let me challenge you.

I challenge you to think about…”What do you want?”

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