Depression, Suicide, Affairs is how Midlife Crisis Man Lived Before Finding God

Todd Kelly was a guest on my podcast. And while his story is not one of a man who returns, it is a story we must look at to understand why they Don’t come home.

When Todd shares about his wife, what picture do you get of her? Do you see how her role plays a huge part in what he does and where he goes? I truly believe if she came to me today, and we went to work on her, we could bring the two of them back together.

Todd has a book that shares his story how he was brought to God and became a changed man. Truly a unique guy. And I’m so grateful he joined me on my show for your listening pleasure!

Get his book here.

However…he’s remarried and has baggage that has to be dismantled. RIGHT THERE. This is the moment we see in the future when we decide if we are going to stand or not.

If you do not stand or stay Mean and push him away, the result if you change your mind later is the above. It’s now messing with the lives of other innocent people.

When I struggled in my choice to divorce my midlife crisis husband or stay and stand for our marriage or even give him time and space to get through this mess, I envisioned a moment 20 years later:

The both of us standing at the buffet table, his new wife behind him and my new hubby behind me. Now we have two new people and our children have had to face dealing with these new people and all of their relatives and children. And now standing at the food line, we lock eyes and start talking. Life with our new people is just has odd and challenging as it was with us long ago…he says, “We should have tried harder…” I say, “Yes, life would have been grand had we gotten our heads out of our asses earlier.”


That’s what I saw.

That’s what I didn’t want. To mess up more lives? Stay married. In the end we are all going to get old, poop ourselves and need help in our old age.

Why not be with our original partners?

Want to understand Forgiveness! Lawyer Todd Kelly Shares His Story of Depression, Suicide, Affairs and How God Helped Him Find His Power Within! 

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