Following Alix…Watch a Success Story…unfolding…

Alix, my newest client, (that hadn’t planned on being a client herself) has agreed to let me document her story as it happens.

I’m beyond excited to have you walk through her journey with her, with me, as I share it. I hope it helps you and adds value to your journey.

Alix was married for 26 and divorce her husband in 2016.

It’s been three years since their split and up until today, she hasn’t had a second thought. Until…we were discussing her sister’s husband.

“My sister just told me that husband just left!” Alix exclaimed.

“What happened….?” I asked.

Alix quickly gave me an update to her sisters life and about the husband that left. She was 55, he was 62. They had sent all of their kids to college and then he lost his job. The wife and husband were both not communicating and pulling from each other because both had needs that the other just shunned. He was beginning to feel as if life wasn’t really going the way he wanted it to go and then one day, he left Alix’s sister. To Mexico. It’s been 3 months for her and no one in the family has spoken with him.

Over a quick period of time Alix’s brother-in-law lost his job, lost his Dad and sent three daughters off to college.

Alix was now in Los Angeles. There to visit her sister, to help her though this hard time.

As I sat with Alix and shared my thoughts with her about her sister and the husband, I spoke of the many ways and options her sister had in order to go about bringing her husband home to her and reconnecting the family.

Alix listened intently, she continued to say words like, “You’re right…that’s right..she’s like that and that would work…if she could do that…I don’t think she can do that…”

I then went back into why I though her sister COULD pull it off and how much effort it would take and what the rewards would be if she accomplished bringing her husband home!

Alix’s mouth opened and nothing came out. I waited. Alix said, “Well…I was just thinking…I wonder if I shouldn’t get back with my own husband.”

I was so excited to hear her say this that I think I let out a squeal! YES!!

Alix reiterated again, “I was just thinking, he wasn’t that bad of a guy and all these assholes I’ve been dating are just so horrible. My ex wasn’t a bad guy. There were things I didn’t like about him…but now I see there are nasty things about EVERYONE!! I’m not going to get a perfect guy. Why not take back the imperfect guy I once had!?

If she was interested, that was ALL YOU NEED to get back together with any husband out ‘wandering the earth.’

I asked her immediately if I could document her story play-by-play to my readers if I could change her name. Thankfully, she agreed!!


So…that’s all I know…so far…we will be talking soon and I will keep you posted on everything that happens!

Say a prayer for her. That she continues to want to connect with her hubby and allows me to share… and keep saying prayers for you.

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