Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

When your husband leaves, the constant obsessing over what he does, where he is or what he’s thinking, is enough to drive you insane.

As you know I have been there and had to deal with mental chaos simply because he chose to walk out the door and be with some other lady instead of live at home with our family.  

It is and will be one of the worst things you were ever face in your entire life so when you hear the words, “just think positively.” You end up staring at the person who delivered those words as if she was speaking a language you didn’t understand. Wondering to yourself, “how could my friends who love me so much be so stupid.”

Facing a husband’s midlife crisis is not for the faint of heart and for all the women who hear their good friends telling them to “MoveOn” or “that you deserve better” the feeling of aloneness is a massive understatement.

You want your husband!  You want to go backwards… like the movie “Back to the Future” before this all happened, to figure out why it happened and then stop it.  

Yeah amidst this feeling of confusion is an underlying anger of how in the world could he ever do this to me? How could this man who loved and adored me for so long just leave?  Walk out?  Live away from his kids….and dog? And become such an asshole? 

These thoughts are followed by nothing positive. Everything becomes negative. Even when you try to spin it to the positive, hahaha, if you’re even capable, it always goes back to negative.

Then after you’ve been in it for six months to a year you finally realize you’ve got to stop the negative thoughts or you will be just as crazy as he is. And because it’s destroying your life.

Most times if I get my hands I left behind wife or husband I can usually bring them to the positive pretty quickly. Because they see learn to see what I’ve already seen and lived through.  

One of the biggest tactics I learned during this time is something called “My Mental Home Cleaning”.  And I’m teaching it on my next zoom class and there is a video of how to do it on my video program as well.

ZOOM Anyone?

If you are on my video membership – I will see you tomorrow night.  If you aren’t on the video program and want to join my Zoom Class – it’s at 5pm Pacific time Tuesday, email me and I can give you a link to send $10 and then come listen!!

I do them once a month and record them for members who can’t make it.  
Sometimes I do twice a month!  
Either way, they are fun and interesting and you feel a sense of community with the women I’m already working with.

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