God Winks

God Wink: An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer

Last Saturday morning I awoke to a text from a wife (Let’s call her Sally) I coach in Virginia. It was early and while laying in bed I was happy to read that this lovely soul expressed concern about another wife (let’s all her Ana) I was coaching.

Backstory: While I take an oath of privacy, in some cases I share pieces of stories about similar wives to offer hope by another option someone else had faced. On the day after Ana found her 21-year-old son dead in his bed, I shared this with Sally to put her pain in perspective if only for a moment. Love your life…be grateful for what you have…as it can change in a single moment.

Sally was moved and would ask me about Ana and ever ask me to tell Ana she was praying for her.

Months have gone by…till last Saturday when Sally emailed me to make sure I told Ana that she was praying for her again this morning with her entire prayer group.

Love was all I felt…and immediately screen shot the text and sent it to Ana.

Ana responded with a smile and a thank you that she really needed the prayers.

Then she asked if we could speak. In our conversation later Ana shared a moment that had gone terribly wrong the night before and she was up all night and had no idea what to do.

I started to shake. Tears came to my eyes. Ana needed prayers. And somehow…God…the holy spirit…the universe…her angels…shared this with Sally and Sally got the message and responded?

If you have heard my story (book coming in full detail soon) there were many things that happened that were beyond “freaky” that led me in a direction, convicted to my “straight” and more convinced than ever that everything will work out.

And it did.

Bottom Line…

Many wives complain to me, “I haven’t had a sign…nothing is guiding me! Where is God? Where is my dead Uncle that was married 60 years? Why isn’t he helping me.”

I say, “Maybe they are…but you can’t “hear” them?”

I had one wife tell me that she is angry that God has left her.

He didn’t leave her. He’s always there…she just can’t “see” him.

Listen. Be open. Be present. And it will come. Answers. Ideas. Suggestions. Solutions. Somehow you all ended up here at TheWifeExpert.com reading my story and others. Is that a coincidence? Or did something guide you here? Think about it? Do you remember? What was it that you were searching for that bought you here? What did you click to get here? Who did you talk to that led you here?

Maybe your God Winks are coming…

When they do…share them with me?

You are amazing…love yourself first. Always. Then you can love anyone!

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