Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Golden Nugget in Las Vegas is the perfect place to get away with the girlfriends while you hubby is…well…busy with other things.

Yes, Vegas is the place where what happens there stays there…and that’s okay. That’s important.

I know first hand how hard it is to imagine why your husband can’t see how beautiful you are as a person. Seeking some attention here and there for self-worth is okay. Surely I would tell all women to love themselves first and that happiness comes from within…but there IS this small, tiny side of all of us that wants to feel human, to feel special, to feel, “Hey, I’m still here…I’ve got this…men do like me?”

So yes, as I’ve told the wives I coach, go have some fun. It’s harmless attention and after all you have been though, why not?

Just don’t fall in love, have wild sex or god forbid, get illegally married (you are already married) to a stranger.

I don’t recommend this…or suggest this…I’m listing it here as an option for fun.

If you haven’t been before, get ready, it’s heaven there. Many go for gambling, not me. I go to “see” the sights.

The hotels all have pools…when the weather is good, the shirtless men come out. It’s harmless fun to look and laugh and just enjoy yourself.

There are museums, dozens of hotels to wander though, attractions, endless shopping, and free booze if you play the slots! My favorite thing to do is walk though all the hotels. They each have a theme and there is so much to see. It’s just a fun exciting place.

Why not?

Sometimes getting away from your home to have an experience with some dear friends helps keep you sane. Life is moving forward and having fun things to do that will entertain you along the way is a reason to go.

And, back to my story about the Golden Nugget:
Here are the top 10 reasons to stay at the Golden Nugget.

  1. It’s NOT on the strip!
  2. The Golden Nugget has three towers.  All are awesome and newly renovated…or newly modernized.
  3. Big TV’s and Incredible views because there are few other buildings to block your view!!
  4. There are less people so far from the strip.
  5. Freemont street.  A live action full of lights night on the street brings a bedazzle of things to see and do.
  6. Prices.  You save money staying off the strip.
  7. The pool.  The lounge chairs are fun and big and comfy.
  8. Shark tank slide.  Slide down into a pool through a shark tank!  Don’t worry, glass separates the sharp teeth from access to your body.
  9. Free Parking.  Well there was free parking when I wrote this. It’s a new thing that all the big hotels are charging for parking!!  15$-30$ a day!!  That adds up.  But not at The Golden Nugget!! Say it with me, “Whoo!!”
  10. The last reason to stay at the Golden Nugget?  Because I said suggested you stay there.   And as a lover of travel, I’ve seen lots of things.  Hands down: This place is cool!!

Oh yea…and…
Even if you hang at the hotel and the pool all day…that’s still a nice vacation to anyone!!

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