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When my husband left me to be with his newly discovered ‘soul mate,’ clearly in a state of MLC, I needed help, support and sound advice.  There was nothing out there to help me get my husband home.  So I spent those long awful 2 years doing research.  Digging up and investigating hundreds of marriage stories – successes and failures, what they did do, what they didn’t do, what worked, what didn’t, what they regret, what they wish they would have done differently…to find the right answers/solutions get my own husband home.

It worked.

Then I noticed others began to come to me for help.  To be sure I helped in the right way, I became a Certified Coach, specializing in midlife crisis advice & support.

To date, I have helped hundreds of women make it through separation, stop their divorce, and get their husbands back.

What I am NOT:

I am not a counselor.
I am not a therapist.
I am not here to waste your time or your money.
I am here to help…to coach you to get your husband home and your marriage back on the right track.

What I do:
1) I teach you to Breathe, stay untriggered, and react calmly in all your conversations with him.
2) I help you set up goals, deadlines, action plans.
3) I teach new behaviors so you know what to do, how to act, what to say.
4) I teach what works and what doesn’t work.  (Cause all husbands are not the same.)
5) We get you to see where you have made mistakes, where you will make future mistakes, how to accept them, and then redirect to a new plan.
6) Help you see your worth and give you the confidence to keep going when you want to quit.
7) After working with me a few times, you will begin to hear my voice in your head guiding you on your own to do the right things to bring your husband home.

Don’t wait – waiting only prolongs the separation
Why not learn the skills to get him back home!

1) Just because he is gone or with another, all is not lost, YOU alone can change the direction of your marriage or relationship.
2) I work in person, phone call or Skype for out of the USA.  (I’ve had women unable to get out of bed fly me to their home to help them)

Double Note to Remember:
You control your destiny.  Not him.  What happens is this: We mirror each other’s behavior.  Because couples mirror each other.  If one is hiding information…the other will feel it and do the same.  If one is lying the other starts.  If one is holding back love, the other starts and the downhill comes quick.  Then the two start the blame game and scorecard appears and tallies are taken.  “I do everything…”  “It’s her fault…”

We get defensive, deny and start the cycle that never seems to end.

Someone has to end the chaos.  The choas.  Not the marriage.  The drama, the ego, the bull shit.

Cause there is bull shit.  Piles of it.  Staying angry (and defensive and in the blame mode) only adds to the pile.  Then the negative hate-filled destructive thoughts/talk that circles over and over in your head all night long tops the pile.

I help you stop that talk.  I help you move forward to solutions.

Its all about you.  It’s all about what you say to yourself when you are alone with your head.  If you stay positive about your marriage and your husband and have talk going on in your head that is good, you will find hope, peace and love.

I won’t lie.  Getting there is hard.  It’s all you.
I have yet to have an unhappy wife.

Do you need Help? // Advice?

How I can HELP you – Many options!

Whether he is at home, living away, living with a girl, being a miserable ass or maybe he is just about to leave or threatening to leave…. I am 100% dedicated to helping you get him home and make your marriage better than ever. Your family is so important to me, I stop my life to help you. Because I’ve been where you are and I know how horrible that pain is.

  • Video Classes: Click this to be directed to hours and hours of videos to help you NOW. (100% private) (I’ve poured my soul out on these videos and by becoming a member – you promise to keep my sharing secret too.)
  • Texting Session:  $35 (Write up a question/problem, send $, I respond)
  • 30 min Phone Coaching Session:  $60 
  • 60 min Phone Coaching Session:  $95 
  • Monthly Texting: 911 Wife-line UNLIMITED access to text my personal cell. 9am to 9pm.
  • Monthly Call Pack:  4 hours – 240 minutes – broken up to your exact needs. Do you need to me for 15 minutes? 10? 30? With a pack – you break it up how you need. Just send me text and I will make the time to help you – ASAP!
  • Home Visit:  Yes!  I come to you. In-person coaching (and in-home suggestions on how to change your “space” to maximize your strategic plan.)  Email me.
  • Coaching at my house:  Need a break? Want to come to California? Meet me? Stay in a beautiful home, 12 blocks from the best beach in Sunny California!  Email me.
  • Emails To His InBox: Is there something you want your husband or his girlfriend to read/see? Let it come from me. $35. Includes sending an article or something specific.

    EMAIL ME: TheWifeExpert @ (no spaces)

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Great coaching topples the cost of divorce 100 times over…but MORE importantly…take the right steps & your family stays intact!
CONTACT ME:  TheWifeExpert@ gmail . com (take out spaces)