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Marriage is HARD.  HARD.  Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently…unless they are a Mother Teresa clone. (And even she’s not married!)  But repeat with me, “Marriage can really suck.”

Yet the movies and TV shows otherwise and facebook?  Well the people that tout how happy they are married are only telling you that when things are good!  No one talks about the bad (well, I did…) (But that’s another story…)

All those complications that happen after 10 years, 12 years, 14 years…if anyone told me what would happen, I may not have said, ‘yes!’

Here’s the questions:  Are you lonely in your marriage?  Did he cheat?   Do you feel stuck?  Confused?  Mad?  Maybe you want to leave but aren’t sure?  Maybe you want him to die but don’t want to have to do it and then go to jail (TOTAL JOKE PEOPLE!!!)

If you are still here on this page and reading this, you obviously are looking for answers/solutions…a way to get him/her to wake up!  Change!  Stay!  And don’t know what to do?  If this is you…then you landed in the right place.

I have been there.

Unlike therapists who may be good and listen, they haven’t really been though it.  I have.  And I’m on the other side.  Only I’m not a therapist (they go backwards in therapy) I move you forward, with goals, strategy and solutions.

If you are stuck, now is the time to contact me.

I work over the phone, in person or through Skype.

Love life laurie @ – this is my email.  (spaces are there so take ALL the spaces out and email me direct to set up a time.)  This is done so I don’t get spam mail.

I’m busy (I do corporate culture coaching as well) but if this page is how you found me, I will make time for you because I sympathize and understand.  When it all was happening to me?  I had no one to help me.

My Vital Vision:

I Coach women and men on decisions to stay married when they have all but given up.

I write inspiring and motivating articles on marriage in dozens of magazines/newspapers and speak at hundreds of Women’s groups,  churches/synagogs and Corporations though out the country.

My bright and busy office is in sunny Manhattan Beach, CA where I host gatherings of 4-5 women each month (12 times a year) looking to learn more about themselves.  These women are invited to spend 2 nights/3 days learning and self-discovering how they can not only be a better person but a better lover, friend, sister, wife and or mother.

I spend my days as a coach, Coaching clients in their marriages, personal lives and growing businesses, answering questions from media, writing articles for my sites and, setting up speaking engagements and writing speeches dedicated to a specific audience, and writing and shooting inspiring videos.

My inspiring humorous videos are wildly popular with 1 million views plus each and are changing the way people think about marriage, life and a partnership.

The Today Show, GMA, CNN, Fox News and other news networks invite me as a regular guest commentator on marriages in the news and troubled relationships…asking for my opinion on what I would tell these celebrities if they were my Coaching clients.

My relationship books, the Amazon marriage products I recommend as well as all the vacation ideas I suggest are all excellent for re-connecting as well as creating passive income for and the organizations we fund and give back to.

My company gives back to the local school communities by working closely with Love4Life (a Non-profit organization run by the PS I Love You Foundation) teaching children social and emotional tools they need to help them be better people today and forever.  I also lead a coaching group program to Adult Women in The SouthBay.  This 8-week class lays a strong foundation of self-discovery tied in with a class of 10-20 women offering bonds of community where connections may not have been felt before.

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