I get women telling me often, “I want to do (whatever it is she wants to do) but if I do I will be a doormat!”

STOP worrying about being a doormat or not. NO ONE is making you be a doormat. Just because you take a step back and shut up for a few minutes doesn’t make you a doormat. You may eat a little shit coming from your husband but non of that is doing anyone any harm and may in fact work for your advantage.

By “eat shit” I mean – don’t bitch about every silly thing he says or does that you don’t like. Couples eat shit all the time. If you want a shit-less eating life – don’t get married.

Back to the point….NO ONE will make you be a doormat unless YOU decide you will be one.

If you don’t want to be doormat – you won’t. Clear and simple.


If you’ve read my information on here long enough, you will see, that standing for your husband is actually being a better person and that SACRIFICING what you really want to do (strangle him and force his face into the crap he’s made you go through…so he can know your pain) is the right thing to do!

Bottom line – you will never be a doormat if you do what you decide is the right thing to do. Be kind and compassionate toward a man who treated you poorly because you were the closest one who stood near him.

You may not get an apology today or tomorrow or ever from him, but you are getting one from me. I know you are doing the right thing and YOU know you are doing the right thing. That’s all you need my friend.

Here’s a video to watch to see more: