Avoid The Shitty Wife Syndrome

shitty wife

If you have landed here…you can clearly see and read I have tons of advice for you as a wife trying to figure out how to keep your marriage from crashing.

(Some annoying, some funny) but all advice comes from hundreds of real life older adults adn my personal experience and options from this adivce.

If you have been a client by face or by phone, you know I’m a little different….funny, isightful, and very honest and authentic.

My clients like that I speak the truth…and yes, I even swear a little.

This video below was sent to me by a coaching client.  Who said this reminded her of me a little.  Same directness but different delivery.  Same message, just spoken differently.

Bottom line: I LOVE IT!!!  Why:
She speaks her truth.
She is funny.
She is real.

You may not like her delivery or her personality. But this video below is worth a watch.

I hope you enjoy her and hear her advice.
Lots of truth…and lessons to all.

Be open to all opinions so you can decide what matters most to you.

Real Blunt Blonde is her actual website if you want to see more.

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