How to Find God & See Miracles

I have talked to thousands of women and men.

In the USA, Austrailia, New Zealand, and various places around the world.

Since 2013.

I have data and details and stories about the source of a Midlife Crisis and the way out of the Midlife Crisis.

One thing remains oddly solid and constant:

Men (and women) in MLC turn from God.

They run. They hide. They ignore the voices pointing them back to their old choice.


I don’t have an answer for that. I just know they do. They ALL do. If they believed in God or were connected to God, they don’t endure Midlife Crisis.

Let’s Explore…

Midlife Crisis comes in waves of confusion. The man who doesn’t know who he is or where he is going. MLC men and women become lost in a ‘lower’ self worth…a “less than” world where evil begins to seep in. They pull from their family, their friends, their church, their life. And this new life they choose to embody, it’s yucky. If there were levels of humanity. The new level these men and women turn to, is never BETTER than the one they left. It’s always less than. Because that’s who they have become right now. Less then.

And for anyone sitting watching. A wife. A husband. A Mother of their adult child going through this. It’s horrific. It’s like watching a horror movie and the main character is your beloved family member. The movies keeps going and you know there will be an end but it’s unsure of what it will be. As you watch, unable to help or guide him (because you can’t) the popcorn taste like crap and your fingernails are worn down to the bone.

Your only option is to turn the channel to an uplifting one (Church, friends, travel, Day adventures) (Day by Day)

Let’s Bring in GOD…

For this next section, let’s believe, for the sake of this section, that there IS a God. I believe in God. I practice it by being Catholic. It’s just a choice of how I practice. There are lots of ways to practice talking/being with/connecting with God. To each their own. There is no right or wrong. There just is.

That said…during this time, this awful, painful time…if you are still and listen and stay aware….you will see proof and miracles.

Before my husband’s MLC. Life was great. Fun, boring, real. I was just living life and enjoying it on a teenage way. I truthfully lived in a bubble.

During my husband’s MLC, it was as if my bubble exploded. The coating of protection was ripped off like duck tape stuck on hair. I bled from my soul. And I could feel and see everything. From the night at 2am when I woke up to see that black dark cloud in the right corner of my bedroom, everything changed. My emotions were heightened and I was able to SEE and FEEL people the moment they stood near me. Strange stuff continued to happen. Over and over. I was pushed, pulled and guided to be in places and do things that I am 100% positive was God, his angels or my dead relatives.

However. Since then. It’s all gone. I don’t have that insight any more. Nothing.

Yet, you the reader, here because of the crisis your spouse is having is still open to see and feel them. If you have faith and you believe in God…you will have the access. You DO have access. USE IT.

Real Miracles…

I have seen miracles with my own eyes during those 2-4 years (and yes, soon, my book is coming). And I fully believe you, right now, can see them in your own life because of this trauma you are going through.

It was at church when I heard the word miracles someone said, “they just don’t happen any more….” and I was thinking to myself, “you are WRONG!! They STILL happen. I SAW them happen in my life and with the wives I coach…I hear them every single day!”

Crazy things that bring me to tears on calls…and continue to prove to me over and over again. That God is real and that we are not alone here on this earth.

So why did God Leave my husband?

He didn’t. God did not leave your husband. God gave us FREE WILL. We all have free will.

Your husband faced life challenges he was not prepared for, maybe he didn’t have the skills or the knowledge or the tools or the words to ask for guidance or help…and maybe he didn’t know God or believed God was real or understood God could help him. So he suffered. Alone. Embarrassed and confused, he turned inward, “What’s missing…what’s wrong….I feel…I feel…I feel…

That’s when evil comes. Seeps in like a parasite. Into our minds and bodies and creates a brand new creature inside the man you loved. This man is the opposite of the great, good guy you married. This one makes strange choices, does crazy this, and leaves you so baffled you feel like you are going crazy.

Recently I watched a video on Exercism. A Catholic Priest (Father Vincent Lampert) (exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis) gave an overview of the ministry of exorcism and the power of God against Evil and the demonic world.

Here is the Deal: If the Catholic Church employs people to remove evil from people, are we not to think that maybe, just maybe, evil is in our husbands?

Fr Lampert talks about ‘Dark eyes’. Hello? Have you seen cloudy Dark eyes in your husband?

Is that evil? Real Evil? I say, “Yep.” That’s what I see, have seen and that’s what I believe.

You are not fighting a battle of marriage. You are fighting for your husbands soul.

Please do not run to church and ask for an exorcism for your husband unless he is levitating or spewing vomit. That’s when the big guns come to help.


Do I believe Evil is here? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Do I stay far away from it? Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s a choice and it is challenging. But that’s free will. And it’s a choice I made. Do I drink and have fun, sure! But when I see peeks of evil….it’s so clear. And I choose to not engage. Because once that evil gets a crack to seep in…Like COVID, you are infected. And if you do nothing…from there is grows.

If you don’t believe in God. Believe in something. And if you are still confused…you can always call me…

Moving forward – if your husband has the black eyes or you want to hear with Father Lampert has to say on the subject…click the below… xoxo

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