How To Get Through Your Pain During Husband’s Midlife Crisis | Remember Why You Are Here

Every week I talk to hundreds of women and men who have a spouse going through midlife crisis. The pain is real and hard and sickening.  That a human, one person, could be so infiltrated inside your brain that you can’t stop thinking about him or her.

I know that pain and I know those thoughts, the endless spin cycle, repeating and diagnosing what happened and why he left and what you did wrong and what you could have done better to keep him home and how do you even get him home what do you do now….????


There is that damn loop.

One thing that started to help me was a weird thought, the one that perhaps drove my husband to MLC, his midlife crisis.  And that thought is: death.  Did you know you are going to die…one day?  It’s coming for all of us. We can’t get out of it.

So, knowing this…what do you do with it?

Years ago, when I was 20, I had an experience that pushed me to see life differently. I bought books on the subject and was going to dedicate my life to uncovering the truth.  And yet, like all kids…my brain shifted and I grew older and forgot….

Then I had my 3rd son.  That child at 1.5 years old was speaking and saying things about his “other life” and “other family.”  My other kids laughed at him but it was the moment I started to remember what I learned long ago:  Near Death Experience.  Also known as NDE.

I realized all of these people can’t be liars. My child was not a liar. He was 1.5 years old!!  All their detailed stories all can’t be a bunch of hog wash.

So I stay learning. Forever a student.

(click photo below to order this photo…)

There is no proof one way or another and as a Catholic and a human who went through some deep experiences, where God did come to me and he DID speak to me, I know 1000000% where we are going from here.

And if you are struggling in your life right now…I ask “why?”

Why would you struggle if you know how little time you have left here.

Enjoy it!  Walk out and smell flowers or look up at the sky or sun!

Be grateful.  Love your family and your friends.

And I LOVE sharing when I hear other stories that are fascinating.

When you know where you are going…this shitty mess is easier to deal with….

Enjoy….and explore…..



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