How to Survive Valentines Day w/o Him.

“It’s the worst day of the year!” cried one of my wives I coach.

I laughed. This is a day to pour love out of your heart! To everyone you love. Not just him. To your kids, your friends and your family. Do not let his behavior screw your day up!! Take your control back of you!!!

“Why can’t I be sad on Valentine’s day when he’s with her and not me?!”

Uh…um….well…you can be sad if you want to…but that’s your choice. You decide that. Or decide to get off your ass and DO something today! For you!!

Because Valentines Day (or any day for that matter) is what YOU decide it is. What YOU make of it!! If as you are reading this you are sad and lonely and depressed….??? It’s because YOU are allowing that to happen!! YOU are thinking about it!! You are thinking: Sad. Depressed. Lonely.



Did you forget even if he was home – he always hated this day anyway??? Now that he’s with horserace maybe he’s doing something different? Maybe not? But if he IS doing something he doesn’t normally do…remember…he is NOT him. This is some imposter. That should give you a sense of relief.

Valentines day is about LOVE!!! Love FOR ALL!!!! NOT just for man/woman. It’s for friends!! Parents!! Neighbors!! Kids!!

Today is the day to celebrate everyone you LOVE!!!


Let’s get them on the phone right now!!!

If you still feel sad and depressed. Right now you have the single moment to close your eyes and say to yourself, “Self?? You have 3 seconds to get up and change your mind about today and make today happen for fun memories!” Then go out – take photos and just enjoy your day with those you love. Forget him today. Forget him right now. He’ll be there tomorrow.

And maybe…just maybe…you’ll be so happy loving YOU that he notices that your attention isn’t on him and he reaches out to you…? Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t live your life waiting. Make your life happen. NOW!!

And if you want to give yourself love – get this blanket. It’s a blanket that if I were to design one – one that gave me love and comfort – this would be it.

If you want to learn more about the COMFORT blanket – read my review.

Don’t forget – if you need me…I’m here!

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