Jesus Is Real

If you aren’t religious, skip this page.  Then again, why are you reading this if you don’t believe in God.

Though my work with coaching wives, dealing with their husbands in midlife crisis, I find it fascinating how many people don’t believe in God.  Or they did believe in God and have replaced a possible God with a spiritual love for the universe.  

There is no debate. 

We humans believe what we want.  As our parents share: If you want happy friends and family, NEVER talk about Politics or Religion.

Memo received.

That’s why I leave God out of many of my talks as I don’t want to offend anyone. But having gone through a midlife crisis husband and watching as well as talking with thousands of left-behind wives and husbands who faced a spouse who said, “I love you but I’m not in love with you…” or said, “I want to leave my marriage…” for an affair?
Which makes sense why, from this mess, I also hear them say, “There isn’t a God…” or “I don’t believe….”.  

Again…Memo received.  

I will never ever push God on anyone.  You have every right to believe in what you want.  I’m not here to change that, ever.  

Yet, in my research, many cases, the people who don’t have God to know and love, be it in any religion or no religion, just a belief, miss out on the hope and strength having God in their life provides.  

Years ago I saw a film: Heaven is For Real.  It’s a true story of a little boy named Colton, who dies at 4 years old and is resuscitated. 

Later Colton shares with his parents that he did die on the table and floated out of his body, above the closed door room where his dad was yelling at God for his son’s illness.  His parents were shocked but listened with open ears.  Colton told them he sat on Jesus lap.  Again, they were worried for his sanity…but wondered, “hmmmm…”  

Then came weird little things that I won’t spoil for you here.  Till later in the film, Colton’s dad starts showing him random drawings of Jesus and Colton kept telling his dad, “No…he doesn’t look like that….”  Over the years, his dad kept showing him paintings asking Colton, “Hey…come here…is this what Jesus looks like?”  “Is this Jesus…?”   


Then one day Colton’s dad was watching something on TV about an 8 year old painter who painted Jesus. She was born into a family who didn’t believe in God…and yet this child was seeing God in her dreams and was given this gift of painting. Since age 4!!  

Colton’s dad asked Colton, “Hey, is this what Jesus looks like?”  
Colton said, “Yes.”

Enter GASP here. 

I was sold. And knew I had to get a copy of that picture of Jesus!  But I was busy and never did.  I forgot about it. 

Till recently!!!  (See video below to see why the painting disappeared!)

Later, I found it.  Bought a copy and it sits on my desk today.  If you ever do a 30/30 zoom call with me, just know, Jesus is sitting over your head!!


After being Catholic my whole life and watching many people die at a young age, including my best friend, who died in a car accident I should have been in.  I didn’t go with her because my boyfriend at the time was coming home from a trip and I had to break up with him.  So I didn’t go…and I didn’t die.

I went to her funeral and it was there, seeing her body I the casket, that I got a message loud and clear: Life is short, temporary and this body we live in? It’s not us, we are a soul, the body we wear is just a shell that dies, we never die.


And well…to the people who don’t believe in God, I am so glad you read this far…I hope this piece I have written here gives you insight to keep an open mind! 

And click here to get this picture of Jesus!!

xoxo – Laurie

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