Free Webinar in December!

Coming soon…depending on when you see this!! Where you can sign up and tune in, we’d love to have you watch or ask questions!

The co-panelists are all amazing! Barry Shore is one of the nicest, kindest humans on the planet and I’m honored that he invited me to be a part of this team!

Please register and then come listen/watch! Ignore the date below – I will update it when I get the new date in december!! This was a photo from my phone – I’m so not a techy person….ugh.

FYI – the lady below – Diane – wrote an amazing book about Divorce – The CASE AGAINST DIVORCE. It’s wonderful. I read it in 2012. Funny how she’s on this panel with me?? Crazy how things work out. But if you are passionate about something and you refuse to give up, you suddenly end up in a place where you become valuable due to the massive information you gained.

Diane’s new book is called Don’t Divorce – it’s newer and has better info in it! I have yet to read it but I talk to her all the time and assume it’s much better than the Case Against Divorce because it’s newer and we only grow and get smarter ….right???

Get them both!!??

Webinar panel barry shore
Webinar panel barry shore