Laughter in Midlife Crisis

850 years ago I was a standup comedian.Maybe one day I will do that again but for now…you have me here to help you through this mess and chaos called a Midlife Crisis.I literally walk beside you as I coach you back to sanity, support and laughter through my videos and zoom classes! The bits of humor I toss in, are gold nuggets you can lean on, so that this horrid midlife crisis mess you are dealing with becomes a time of growth till your husband comes home.

Just by me walking (and God – he’s my secret helper) with you, you will learn more about you, survive this mess, get your husband back and have your kids and family become better people just by knowing you and watching you role model for them!

Back to comedy for a Moment, on my path of comedy, years ago, I worked with people from Jerry Seinfeld to Steve Harvey.Both became wildly famous.I became a better wife.Which has more effect on my immediate life and family?


My favorite saying is: The greatest work you will ever do will be inside the 4 walls of your home!

When my husband and I dumped a bunch of money into a risky home, I asked God, if you help me be able to pay my mortgage every month, I will use my home to help others.So when my husband left, I got a big fat memo to do Airbnb here, from God, I’m 100% sure, and that saved us. And other people. A hotel room around here is $500 a night. A room/bath in my house 1/4 of that. Then when my husband left, I gave away a years worth of comedy show bookings to save my family.

That led me here. If I didn’t go through the hell of my husband’s midlife crisis and the thousands of people I’ve talked with so far…I wouldn’t be here to share what I know with you, in the way I am able to share it!

In the End:

From my view point? I’ve become a better mom, wife, daughter and friend❤️❤️

Everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end!
LOVE that Line! It’s from the movie Best Marigold Hotel!

Do NOT let this experience lead you to the negative.Trust this process and make lemonade out of rotten lemons.

If you have ever watched Family Feud, besides the learning and guessing on all those strange “surveys” …if you watched the “after” or “beginning” parts….you will see the amazing bonus: Steve Harvey is a blessing!! He hosts Family Feud and over his life he has learned big lessons that he shares!  Big. And though his mess from younger years in his life, he speaks freely and openly on this huge platform!  Click here to be inspired from all of his videos.

And keep in mind, if you ever want/need to send any one of these videos to your husband – you can always ask me to do it!  I have a “secret” phone that I access and for a small fee I can send him (or anyone you want) a message, a video, whatever.  As long as it’s with love and kindness. I’ve had a ton of success when women use it the right way.  So let me know?  

In the meantime….stay straight and let me know if you need me!

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