Left Behind Husband Shares Story About Midlife Crisis Wife

Many of you ask if I coach men….  
YES!!!  YES!!  I love coaching men!!  They join the video program without hesitation and they takes notes and they listen!!  And then they take action!! They don’t question or doubt my words or suggestions  on the videos – like some women do 🤪- they believe and they just do it!  
Which is why men get their wife back faster!
The copy below is from one of my left behind husbands (who I just adore)  He is so positive, and as you know: attitude is EVERYTHING!!!
He approved my sharing his email to me with you!!
(And if he reads this: Thank you!! I can’t tell you how much your words help others!)

Why share this with you?  Hope.  

Many of you struggle because you don’t SEE things happening with your spouse.  And you don’t hear things happening.  All you know to be true is that you are alone and they are wandering the earth.  
That’s scary and frustrating. Because you mind imagines fun and happiness and daffodils and endless sunshine.  HAHAHA!!  Yes, your spouse is out there on the planet, however, when you choose this “Hurt others for my benefit” road, life is not easy.  It’s tough!
And I want you to know and trust that all those people that you don’t see, talking to your spouse or engaging with you spouse, support you (even if they don’t know you). This is way bigger than you can see!!  
So believe it!!  Believe there are others (good people) at play here. These people are talking to your spouse, influencing your spouse in a positive way.  You can’t see it. You may Never know it, but I want you to BELIEVE it happens.   

Here is His email:

Yes, my wife doesn’t live with me.  She lives 15 mins away in her home town. 
We do text each other but not all the time. She used to start her texts to me with ‘Hiya’ but over the past few weeks, her mood has improved and she’s starting her texts with “Hi”.
Also when I’d text her, she used to text back with “Yep.”  And now she’s texting back with “Yes.”  Again thís hasn’t happened since her mood improved. Now no more “Yep”! 
I ran into a friend of ours over the weekend and she told me she met my wife back in August. My wife told our friend that she didn’t know what was wrong with her. She said she felt miserable all the time and didn’t know why.  Our friend told me my wives eyes were welling up and that she said she felt very guilty about our youngest daughter. Our friend advised her to get professional help for herself.  
What is odd?  Our friend told me that my wife didn’t blame me or our marriage as the cause of her unhappiness. Which is good.  Our friend also thinks this is a midlife crisis, MLC, brought on by her hormonal imbalance and menopause. 
Like you, our friend encouraged me to be strong and patient. 
I’ll stay praying Laurie. THANKS SOOO MUCH for your positive words!
If you pray, pray for this wife and this man.  Like you all, he’s a good people and good people are so good to know!  Like you, this man has done nothing wrong.  Nothing.  None of us are perfect in our marriage, but this is no reason to leave a marriage or family.

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