Little Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was an outstanding human. Below is a story of how he was more than just a basketball player. It’s a private story. One that was shared with me today. But one that will make your eyes water.

And if you follow me here, you know I’m a huge fan of becoming the best person you can be. For your marriage, your kids, your friends and for YOU.

Imagine being him? A master of his game? Focused on winning? He didn’t quit. He didn’t give up. When he wanted to sit, he got up. When it sucked, he pushed harder.

Just yesterday I heard from a woman who I worked with only very briefly. She’s the same as you…hubby having an affair, married 20+ years… and yet… she quit. She said he was done, they are still arguing, and she “tried” and now she is just done because she is just so tired…


Did we not learn anything from who Kobe was? He NEVER quit. Quitting was not an option. He learned his game, his craft, his job and did everything to become a master.

Are you a master at being a wife? Being married? Being in a relationship?

If you are here…I think not.

Why would you EVER quit!?!?!?!?!?!?

I learn more every single day. I, like you, continue to be on a journey to be the best I can be. Am I perfect? Nope! Do I fail…daily??? Yep! Thankfully I catch my mistakes and fully apologize because I am human.

The priest at my church is always telling stories of how he yells at people or cuts them off in traffic or gets impatient. I laugh and cry. WE ARE HUMAN!!!

You are human. You are married to a human. We all screw up! ALL THE TIME!!

Just shake it off, apologize, put on a smile and pack that great attitude and keep going toward what you want!

Okay…so I got off track….below is the story I want to tell you. I hope it brings you hope for love and that you, alone, have the power to change your life and others.

Little Kobe…

So I have a story…(written by Kristen)
When we lived in Phoenix, a pediatric cardiologist I worked at the hospital with asked me if my friend, Tom, could get an autographed “something” from the Lakers for a little 5-year-old patient, who was dying, and who was also named Kobe.

The little child was from one of the reservations in Arizona where basketball is life.    I called to ask Tom, at the Phoenix Suns, already believing that there would be virtually no way this would happen.

The Lakers were coming to play the Suns later in the week. A day later Tom called me and said, “He’ll do it!” I was thrilled and thought I’d bring the ball or whatever it was to sign to his work.

Tom said, “No, he read your story and he wants to come and meet the little boy.”

I was floored!    So the next day, with the support of the Colangelo family, a limousine brought Kobe Bryant to my office. Under a cloak of secrecy – neither security or PR people were informed (I got in a little trouble for that but it was so worth it!) the three of us scrambled up a back staircase to this little boy’s room in cardiac ICU. For the better part of an hour they played basketball, passing it back and forth, with little Kobe, laughing, his sweet Mama smiling and laughing.

Several autographed items were left and many photos were taken. The machines keeping him alive were dinging, whirring and alarming and his doc was just grinning from ear to ear, as Tom and I stood nervously watching this unbelievable scene unfold before us.

Later, as we got back in the limo, Kobe turned to me and said, “Kristen, what can I do to help? Is it a financial thing? Because I can take care of that.”

It wasn’t. (The little boy had a heart defect and was too ill for a transplant.)

I was floored. I was floored not only by his sincerity and offer of generosity, but the kindness and warmth he displayed.    

Little Kobe passed away the following week. About three weeks later I got a letter from Little Kobe’s mom describing the power in those moments. She said those were the most joyful moments of his entire life. The photos were the only photos she had of him smiling.

According to Kobe Bryant’s PR people he did this everywhere but the deal was – no PR. From that day on he has been my hero and when people would tell me they didn’t like him, I would say, “Let me tell you a story…”.

May God shine eternal light upon your soul, Kobe.

Both Big Kobe & Little Kobe!!!

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