5 Ways To Look Sexy

Look Sexy goes along with my Mantra for Wives: Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good. Fat thin, chubby, small, large? who gives a crap. He fell in love with you for a reason, get that reason back. Who were you when you first got married?  Dig out those old photos and do what you can to bring that girl back.  Not the same girl, cause you are wiser, smarter, better and definitely gained lots of experiences by now.  But don’t let those experiences make you bitter or ugly.  Let them make you SMARTER.  Yet, that young girl you once were – she was open to the world, curious and ready to learn. Be her again.


Men see with their EYES.  So that look good part?  Sexy.  Sexy.  Sexy.


If you look good, men notice. Particularly, your husband. If you want him to notice, you need to look good, smell good and feel good and let’s add one more thing: Act Kind.  Set that damn ego aside and show him you are a woman.  Do all four of those things and he’ll be wondering what you are doing and why aren’t you doing it with him. I’ve never been one to dress up or even care what I look like, but when it comes to attraction you have to look how you feel. I can hear you – I know, it’s ridiculous.  I too agree that “if I feel good, why can’t I wear my sweats all the time, cause I FEEL good in sweats?”  Yes.  I know.  But some men get weirded out if you are in sweats ALL the time.  They want to see stuff.  They want to be wowed by you.  That’s how you keep your hubby attentive and in action. Some girls say, “Who cares?  And if they do care, they can go take a hike because if you love me, you’ll love me when I look bad too!”  Of course.  But it’s like Dessert.  You have dinner but you still want dessert.

Keep Your Man:

There’s lots to look at outside.  Lots.  Lots of “outsiders” ready to look at your husband.  Keep him attentive at home.  Stay connected.  Change up the outfits once in awhile. TJ max and Marshals are king of new cute clothes that won’t kill your money pile.  And so is Venus. They have some killer clothes – look at the video below.  They send the catalog to your home too.  So you can order crap from your bed.  HA. Below is a magazine I swear by.  If you don’t like to spend alot of money on looking good, (which is like me) this magazine is for you!  And if you throw it out one day because you’re tastes have changed you won’t feel bad because it was not that expensive!  Venus catalog is the bomb.  Get it!  Live it!  Sexy it!

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