Marriage After 70 George & Carol Their Story

Marriage After 70?  George & Carol.  This is Their Story: George lost his wife.  Not in a forest or at the mall.  She died. Carol divorced her husband after 22 years.  Then swore off men. 20 years later (yes, she’s 72) she ran into George (her childhood’s brother’s best friend) (Okay if I screwed up the ‘s…as a writer, s’s are not my thing…) and George was thrilled to see her. After meeting again, they spent every day together for 3 months.  Till her asked her to marry him and she said yes. She says now with glee, “I never, ever, ever thought I’d find love again, but here I am at 72 years old and madly in love with a man I haven’t seen since I was 14!” The day I met them, they were both retired and headed to Hawaii for 3 months to just hang out and live someplace new for awhile. Secret to a Happy Marriage!Don’t we all want to do that one day?  Find a partner to “do” life with?  A partner that will just “be.”  Be their own person while you can be your own person and together you have a relaxed, loving, supportive marriage/friendship? We all want that.  ALL of us.  I don’t care who you are…we all want that. But if you don’t have it now…I guess one thing is for sure: Never, ever stop believing it will happen for you! Ha!  Of course Carol thought it would never happen…and it did?   She says she just got lucky.  She was just happy being with herself plodding along till one day he showed up again. And if we really think about the basics here…that’s how it happens. When you are going along, doing your thing, happy with who you are. That’s what men want.  Men want a woman who is simply happy on her own.  Because if his end all goal/duty in life is to make the woman he loves happy…and you come into his life already happy…well…then…he’s more than almost done! Here’s to the ending…! 10 Simple Rules For a Happy Marriage… The Secret to a Happy Marriage. 10 Ways To Be Really Happy.

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