“Love You Forever” Book- Dare you won’t cry.

The Best book ever written for kids and for adults.  Ever!

It’s life and reality all rolled up into a small little book! 

And right now, with everything you are going through, right now, you need this poke of reality.

In fact, after you get the book – write a note on the inside cover to your kids.

Robert Munsch is a genius! 

I got this book as a gift in 1999…and never read it till my oldest was around one years old and I lost it while reading. As a joke I had the hubby try and read it too. He sobbed.  My friends, they sobbed.  It was my new Go-to gift for every baby shower! 

The new mom would say, “thanks.” HAHA! They had no idea what was in their hands now!

I forgot about it till the other day!!

I dare you to read this book without crying…!!

I dare you.

It’s super cheap too!

Order it here.

Bring it out when friends are over.
See if they can make it through without sobbing.

It’s awful!! It’s wonderful!! It’s fantastic!!!


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