Best Marriage Advice After 41 years Marriage

Best Marriage Advice After 41 years Married

His name was GL Murray..and his Marriage Advice comes after 41 year Married

He was tall, black, proud and very very handsome.  Funny too.  As he spoke his words to me in the airport where I met him…I could tell he was very wise as well.

Our deep conversation lead to marriage.  Murray was in LA visiting his Mother-in-law for her 100 year birthday celebration.  He proudly shared with me the brochure from her party as well as a few stories from the event…and his life.

While he talked about many things, what stuck me as interesting was that he said he had been married to his wife for over 41 years.  41 years.  To me, that is a long time.  To him too!

GL Murry was frank with me and said, “Marriage is hard.  It’s easy to quit, too.”

He admitted early in his marriage, he was a “bad boy” and that on several occasions he returned home to find his bags packed waiting at the door as a subtle sign for him to leave.

married long years

During our chat, GL Murray repeated several times about how hard marriage really is and because it is so difficult, not everyone stays.  Which is why, as the years go by, he realizes that their ability to stay married together so long just makes their relationship that much more special.

GL Murray recalls their past arguments of his wife trying to kick him out as simple as,
Wife:  “Get out!”
GL Murray:  “No…”
Was the one thing that kept them together…

GL smiled as he looked back on how (in his own way) he really did take his vows seriously and said, “She’s my best friend…”

Then he continued and said, “Why don’t you women realize, that we are just guys…we don’t know what you know….you gotta teach us!  We’re not like you.  We’re not hard.”

My favorite advice from GL Murray?  “It’s okay to go to bed mad…just when you wake up…then you let it go.”

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